I Will Never Stop Hating This Election for Normalizing Stupid: Are Trump supporters really less intelligent?

  • Yes, obviously they are.

    The problem with everyone voting no on this is that most are comparing his supporters to Hillary's, rather than comparing their intelligence to what could be considered an average. If you believe that someone who has zero experience in politics, should lead our country because they have zero experience in politics, is unintelligent. Habitually ignoring the terrible things that your candidate of choice says and arguing against others that they didn't say them, is unintelligent. Thinking that voting for the lesser of two evils is better than voting for a third choice that isn't evil, is unintelligent. So yes, they are.

  • Trump supporters are less intelligent

    Donald Trump's supporters are generally less intelligent than other voters. It is difficult to generalize, but his message appeals to the uneducated and those left behind by the expanding economy. He does not present nuanced and well-thought out positions. This is seen in the polls, which shows his support is greatest among those that are not college educated.

  • I don't believe that all Trump supporters are less intelligent.

    While many Trump supporters appear to be less intelligent than the average citizen, I don't believe that most are. In my opinion, many Trump supporters believe in conspiracy theories, are die-hard Republicans and support the nominee no questions asked, in some cases are truly racist and see Trump as a resolution to social issues the country is facing.

  • No, Trump supports are not less intelligent

    No, Trump supporters are not less intelligent. There are only two choices in an American election. Anyone who looks at both campaigns and decides who would serve United States of America the best for the next four years does so with thought and trepidation. This is not an easy election choice. For many, there is no good candidate. A vote for Trump is against status quo. He is not the traditionalist vote, but only time will tell if a presidency term was beneficial in the long run.

  • No, Trump supporters are not less intelligent

    Donald Trump's supporters are not less intelligent than Hillary Clinton's supporters. Trump's supporters are just fed up with Washington, the poor economy and the status-quo. Therefore, his supporters will often overlook his flaws. Hillary is the status-quo candidate, so she will drive many fed up with Washington into the Trump corner this election.

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