IBM builds a brain out of a computer chip: Does this change the game for artificial intelligence?

  • yes it does.

    this does change the game by a lot. It is a computer it can find anything and do anything and that is not fair. it will always be smarter then most humans and there is nothing that will change that. This of course changes the game by a long run.

  • IBM reveals 'brain-like' chip with 4,096 cores

    Most efforts to mimic the brain have focused on software, but in recent years, some researchers have ramped up efforts to create neuro-inspired computer chips that process information in fundamentally different ways from traditional hardware. This includes an ambitious project inside tech giant IBM, and today, Big Blue released a research paper describing the latest fruits of these labours. With this paper, published in the academic journal Science, the company unveils what it calls TrueNorth, a custom-made "brain-like" chip that builds on a simpler experimental system the company released in 2011.

    TrueNorth comes packed with 4,096 processor cores, and it mimics one million human neurones and 256 million synapses, two of the fundamental biological building blocks that make up the human brain. IBM calls these "spiking neurones." What that means, essentially, is that the chip can encode data as patterns of pulses, which is similar to one of the many ways neuroscientists think the brain stores information.

    "This is a really neat experiment in architecture," says Carver Mead, a professor emeritus of engineering and applied science at the California Institute of Technology who is often considered the granddaddy of "neuromorphic" hardware. "It's a fine first step." Traditio

  • Artificial Intelligence Continues to Make Strides

    Without a doubt, IBM's development of a brain out of a computer chip changes the game for artificial intelligence. It means that scientists are at least somewhat closer to developing a true artificial intelligence that can mimic the functions of the human brain. Such developments will have big implications in the future.

  • No, I don't believe it does.

    While this technology is really really cool, we still don't have the ability to give robots logic and reason. Those two things are really critical while separating artificial intelligence and regular intelligence. I think until then we will still see a big divide in artificial intelligence and the human brain.

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