• Yes, I think it could be worth it

    I think that Ice Cream order app is a great idea and could be worth the cost. As a parent of 3 kids there are times that you do not want to load the kids up to go to the Store. I think as long as they don't go too overboard with the cost it would be worth it to many people.

  • Let's See If It Works

    I do like the conceptualization of this idea, but I'm not sure how well the execution will progress. If I lived in Chicago I would definitely try this app. The convenience is worth the cost as long as the ice cream does not take forever to arrive at the destination.

  • Yes, I believe it is.

    While the cost is high if you are just ordering for a small family, I think this is actually a great idea for large parties or kid's birthdays. If you order more than 10 ice creams then you get an ice cream truck to come by your residence, I think this will be a huge hit for the kids

  • Uber is just a sign that we have become "uber" lazy in this country.

    Yes, it's convenient and easy - I get that. And no, it's certaintly not the only food ordering app on the market. However, it costs 25.00 to merit a delivery of the frozen treats and for that reason, I'm saying no. Not only are we so unmotivated to get up out of our chairs to get the food we want, we're also paying high dollar to eat junk. Delicious junk, but that's no excuse.

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