Iceland is the only country in the world where 100% of the population has internet: Is the U.S. lagging behind?

  • There is a lot of inequality in the USA

    The US is often seen as the "world leader" in terms of wealth, education and politics. While in some cases this may be true, there is so much more inequality beneath the surface. It is a large country, with a lot of isolated communities who have no real access to the internet. It's time the US government stepped up it's efforts to get everyone connected, before the US falls too far behind the rest of the world.

  • Internet is not yet a necessity

    Internet isn't a necessity, and most people who want internet and can afford it do have it. We cannot simply say that everyone should have internet without thinking about who is going to pay for it. Who really HAS to have internet? No one. Everyone can live without internet. It is a want, not a need.

  • Internet is freedom, not free

    America is still the premier place for content on the internet, as well as freedom. Freedom to post whatever you want, freedom to market your product how you want as well. In a free economy, companies like Comcast and Sprint can charge for access to the internet. Iceland might provide internet access but the taxes must be outrageous.

  • It is the free market system.

    In the United States, people buy only the things that they want. The government doesn't provide all of the services in the United States like it does in other countries. In the end, this keeps taxes lower in the United States. In order to have Internet for everyone, the tax payers have to pay for it.

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