Idaho man admits to hate crime against gay man: Is homophobia on the rise?

  • Yes, I believe so.

    It is very much possible that homophobia is on the rise. Hate crimes against specific religions, gender, race etc have been on the rise since the beginning of Trump's presidency. It makes complete sense that hate crimes against the LGBT community are beginning to rise too. The LGBT community faces discrimination in several placed because this is such a argued upon topic. It is possible in the future that these hate crimes against this community may increase even more than other ones.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The problems that LGBTI individuals face in the region, especially if they are “out” publicly, can be generalized into the following: violence inside or outside the home, discrimination faced while seeking employment or at the workplace. Very often, LGBTI persons have to limit themselves to working in the service sector: beauty salons, bars, clubs or commercial sex-work.
    They often face discrimination in the healthcare system and in the military. They are also subject to hate speech in the media, and from public figures coupled with hostile language and treatment from people who surround them in everyday life, such as parents or relatives.

  • I'm not entirely sure though.

    I wish we had statistics about this from the police departments or from the state. That way, I could accurately gauge if homophobic crimes were increasing or decreasing. Such statistics would also let community members step up to protect vulnerable individuals if needed. Unfortunately, I don't think the kind of statistics I'm looking for is readily available.

  • Not neccesarily, no

    There has always been homophobia. I'm not saying homophobia is right, all I'm saying is that it's not really "on the rise." Homophobia is sort of fading from what I can see. There is an increasing number of people in the LGBT+ community, so less and less people are homophobic.

  • People do not care.

    It's a small set of the population, largely uneducated, that thinks it's okay to commit hate crimes. These people have problems following the laws in general. It's unfair to say that homophobia is on the rise, because America is far more open to equality than it ever was before. Homophobia is at the usual levels.

  • No homophobia is not on the rise.

    Homophobia is not on the rise. Due to Obama's administration supporting LGBT rights, it has become much more accepted in society.The young generation is much more accepting of same-sex relationships. Many celebrities are coming out as gay and it is much more common to see homosexual relationships. Homophobia is not on the rise.

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