Identity Cards: Would identity cards enhance national security?

  • It would just make us that much safer

    All it would do is add to our security so what is the problem with that. It would make the Americans safer and would make police and FBI and meany more job's easier. Their jobs all ready hard with bad hours why not just make it easier on them. So that is why it wouldn't hurt to add it

  • Yes to Security

    Identity would enhance national security. In fact, the social security card is a kind of national security card that proves that one is an American citizen. The proven document ion that the social security card is available to enhance national security means that an identity security systems is in place.

  • No we have a system

    What would be the person to have such a system across the United States. There in fact is no need for the system. Across the United states we have Id systems that are put into place. These are a form of identification we don't need added forms of ids added on.

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