If a 14-year-old girl told you she's gonna kill herself if you don't have sex with her, Would you have sex with her?

Asked by: Solo_J
  • Yes, I would f**k her

    She wouldn't have to ask me twice. I would love to have sex with a 14 year old. I would have sex with them even if they didn't ask me. I don;t mind raping little girls at all. I think this is a great question, Now I'm all triggered I'm going to go f**k my niece. Thanks

  • Duh, Freedom of choice. End ageism, End paternalism.

    " I think you might like the fact that I am 14, Younger than you. If you want any proof, Look at any one of my videos, I promise you that you will not see an adult in them. I feel oppressed by society due to restricted opportunity. I do not have the right to vote, To drive, To own or rent property, I barely have any right to work, And I cannot sue or be sued in case of a civil matter. If I go on vacation, I have to walk or cycle there, And I have to sleep in the streets, Because no hotel will take me. And for the point we were discussing, I am indeed not allowed to consent to sex.

    I am questioning my chronophilia. I don’t know if I’m an ephebophile or a teleiophile. In other words, I don’t know if I’m attracted to those a few years older, Or to those a few decades older. The thought of having sex with one of the two puts butterflies in my tummy, Because I know that at any point these people can turn on me and rape me, Or something like that (because of power imbalance), But I can sense that there is definitely an attraction there. I am also submissive, So that power imbalance has an opposite effect too - it both repels me and attracts me at the same time. It puts me in a very weird position.

    I am also much more tolerant than most. I tolerate an enormous amount of things, Including drawn bestiality porn, Cannibalism (if the person was dead already and they or their family said they could), And a whole lot of other things. But one thing I don’t tolerate is age inequality. In fact, I am a die-hard supporter for age equality, Meaning I’d literally die for it, As long as my death helps the cause. The thing is, It feels wrong to me to treat someone differently because of age. This isn’t an issue of whether or not I want adults to exually assault children or not. Even if they did, The children can always say no and take them to court. But my beliefs stretch further than that, The age of consent thing was something that kind of envelops itself in age equality.

    You’re not that much older than me, I honestly don’t see how you can just be fine with this, Having your rights stripped of you, Having to wait. I feel like when I was born, I was put in prison for 18 years, And now I’m waiting for my release date. I don’t get how you don’t feel it either. " - A wise man called KK

  • No, I would be deemed a rapist, Although she could be persuaded to drop her impulse of killing herself over unmet sexual need.

    Although if the constitution of a country considers 14 an age applicable for forming a consent, I will not be deemed a rapist, Yet i will consider the norms of that society before performing the act itself. Now if I don't have sex and the life of the girl is at stake, It should be understood that her decision is impulsive, Instead of exploiting her impulsive need to cater my optional desire for sex, I should suppress her sudden impulse by other means -- social outing, Getting her to meet her types, Helping her discover a hobby etc.

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