If a 16-year-old has sex with another 16-year-old, does that mean they statutorily raped each other?

Asked by: ElectricCloud
  • American Laws Do Not Stand A Chance

    In America, the government wants to control everything so they put in laws saying that if you are 16 and have sex with another 16 year old, you are illegal. So I want to make a faction to appeal this law. I am not an American citizen, nor do I want to be, but Mr. Obama or whoever the president is. I am declaring a faction and demand you to make legal this issue. My troops number in the thousands, so If I were you, I would comply.

  • Yes to protect teens

    I live in wisconsin for 3 years and over there,it's illegal for annyone at any age to have sex with each other when there age is below the age of consent.So they do not apply romeo and juliet law,no defense against staturoty rape.Yes,if a 14 years old have sex with 12 years old.

  • Yes,they should get charged

    I believe any minors at 14 years old or above should get charged the same as adults.If a minor have sex with another younger minor who is not legally to give consent by law,then it's an taking advantage.Yes,since 23 % of child molestation comes from juvenile they should get charged.

  • But they should be charged!

    Not with statutory rape, but with "disorderly conduct" or "juvenile delinquency", maybe even create a new statute and call it "minor willfully engaged in sexual activity". If a 16-year old has sex with a 12-year old then he should be charged with statutory rape, since he is clearly manipulating and taking advantage of the 12-year old. If two 16-year olds have sex together then it was likely mutual and it's wrong the way smoking cigarettes underage is wrong not wrong the way rape is wrong.

  • They are both minors.

    You could technically say they didn't even know they had sex because their children and incapable of such things. Then again, this brings into question as to why it's okay for a minor and another minor to have sex but not an 18-year-old with a 16-year-old. I think this might have to do more with age of consent laws.

  • In my country, this isn't even an issue.

    In Canada, the legal age of consent is 16, as long as the other participant is also underage. If one party turns 18 and you had a pre-existing relationship, that's still okay. So where I live, it's not an issue and nobody gets charged. End of story. Yay consent laws!

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