If a bully's victim(s) commit suicide, is it the bully's fault?

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  • It's only the bully fault

    If it's not because of the bully ,the victim wouldn't commit suicide.People commit suicide because they have severe depression and they bully should be responsible for that.There are 4,400 teen suicide per year.Sometimes they kill more people than a murder kill people in a year.On the statistic it shows that violent crime is on decline including murder.

  • In Some Way or Another

    It is a bully’s fault if his or her victim(s) commit(s) suicide. The reason behind this is that if a bully pushes someone to the point where he or she feels the need to commit suicide, then it is the bully’s fault. Although this does not mean the bully should be tried in court for murder, however, they are still accountable for the motive behind someone else’s suicidal thoughts. According to the article “Who is Liable When a Bullying Victim Commits Suicide?” written by Jim Ballidis, classmates, school districts and parents are not just reliable for a healthy relationship around their community, they may also be held responsible for the death of a victim of bullying (Ballidis). Parents, students and especially school districts should not let bullying get to the point of a loss of a child. Some may never know the clear motive a victim had to commit suicide, but the bully is at fault, in some way or another.

  • You commit the crime you do the time.

    Well if the bully is willing to go to that extent of causing someone psychical or mental pain then they should know what the consequences are and accept them. Yes it is the victims choice to commit suicide but they are so sick of being bullied that they have no other choice. Ya you can tell an adult but its still going to continue unless an adult is around. From my experience of being bullied even if you tell an adult nothing will stop the bully from bullying. Not even being suspended, or things taken away, or anything. Its sad that people have to live in a world where nothing can stops bullying.

  • The final push

    Yes I believe it is the bully's fault simply because it could have been that final blow (rather physical, verbal or mental) that caused the victim to finally take their own life. I do believe other factors can make n individual make that final decision. So even though I do feel it is the bullies fault I do not believe all the blame is on them.

  • A little bit yea!

    Suicide is a cowards way out, but someone who is beat down has more reasons to be a coward then someone who isn't told how screwed up they are each day. Maybe the bully never pulled the trigger but he gave him the metaphorical gun. A bully should be punished, or at very least get a taste of his own medicine.

  • Yes it is the bullies fault, because if we remove the bullies from the equation they would likely never of committed suicide

    My debate for it is that, if the victim had never felt bullied, had never felt the way they did because of the bully then they wouldn't of committed suicide. People do have reasons to commit and the bully was there reason. If we remove the bully from the equation the person looses reasons to commit suicide hence, saving there life, from this I feel the bully should be held responsible for there actions, which consequently made someone feel so terrible, so worthless that they took there on life

  • A bully can cause enough mental and emotional damage

    When a person commits suicide because of a bully its because they truly do not see that it can and will get better. A bully is only a bully because they are eing hurt themselves. But a buly should be held responsible because if they never mentally and emotionally hurt the person enough then the person wouldnt feel like they need to end their life in order for the bully to stop

  • Actions Have Consequences

    If a bully's victim commits suicide it is my opinion that the bully bears a significant part of the responsibility. If the bully and the victim are children, then the bully's parents are also responsible in part. If parents are bullies themselves or are unwilling to see and deal with bullying on the part of their child they have failed in their parental duties. The bully knows his victim is already weak and possibly damaged, that's why the bully picked him or her. Bullying is not right, not a 'normal' part of childhood, and should be acted upon without delay. Anyone who excuses bullying might as well hand the victim the device he or she used to end their lives since that attitude is also responsible for what happened.

  • It is the bully's fault that the victim committed suicide, however that does not mean that the bully can or should be prosecuted in court.

    A bully by definition is not someone who is accidentally offending someone with teasing. Bullying is a reoccurring and purposeful act done with malicious intent. While it is the bully's fault it can't be prosecuted because it would be too difficult to find unbiased and reliable evidence. The situation is made even more complicated taking into account for the fact that bullies themselves are frequently previous victims of bullying who are just repeating the behavior they were taught.

  • The Final Push, but the bully usually doesn't know.

    While I agree that bullying is horrible, the bully cannot be fully responsible for the suicide. They are only partly to blame, as usually suicide victims have other factors which contribute or magnify the problem, such as mental illness, drugs, or a rough home life. Bullies shouldn't walk away scot free, but jail time is excessive.

  • Th Bully is Despicable but not Responsible

    When a person takes their own life, several emotions might come into play. And while those emotions may be triggered by the bullying, ultimately, the individual is responsible for the loss of their own life by the very definition of the word "suicide" meaning to kill oneself intentionally. You wouldn't give a bully credit for your success in life - why is it okay to blame them because you took your own life?

  • The bully didn't pull the trigger, did they?

    They chose to commit suicide. They chose to give up. Nobody, not even a bully, directly forced them to kill themselves, so why should the bully be blamed? Many people are bullied, but only some commit suicide. It is the suicide 'victim's' fault for being too weak to seek an alternative. They should have seekd help, talked to someone, but they chose not to. For that, they are the only ones who should receive blame. If you think otherwise, then wake up from whatever bubble you're living in and get a reality check.

  • We would rather blame someone than admit the truth

    Some people would rather take the easy way out. Imprisonment because one person made fun of someone else I remember in my youth that made people stronger. Teaching kids that they're perfect instead of them preparing them for those kinds of kids is a contributing factor. Evil exist you can't stop that yes making fun of someone for something they can't change is wrong but it exist and suicide is not the answer. I believe what I say no matter who I anger I will stand by these words.

  • In the end, it was that person's decision to take their own life

    What the bully did was wrong and deplorable, however, in the end the victim was the one who made the decision to end their own life. The victim had other options available to them such as fighting back. As well as this there are techniques where you can learn to choose your emotion, he could have learnt one of these

  • Suicide is a choice, it is the fault of the person who chose to commit suicide

    Bullying is wrong. But the person who committed suicide chose to commit suicide. They could've chosen to keep on living. Some kids who get bullied and ostracized and shunned commit suicide. Others put everything in to their studies and look forward to the better life that awaits them after school.

  • You commit suicide because you are weak

    Bullying is wrong. Some times you cant do any thing about it but taking the easy way out is not really a good choice. When you commit suicide you lose the chance to raise above in future and you lose all the chances of success. There are other ways to solve problems. You cant blame a bully for Else's death. He killed him self because he is weak. He could have defended him self or he could try to get the help of another superior.

  • Not even slightly

    People go through terrible shit all the time and most don’t kill themselves. Sure bullies can make someone’s life miserable but suicide is still entirely in the hands of the person that does it. You can’t be forced to commit suicide by anyone it’s a personal decision that you have complete control over.

  • Just by definition

    The bully didn't kill the other person, you're just playing the cause and effect game, you could say that for example the bully was abused by parents when he goes home, so by most of your logic you say that the parents you are abusing the bully caused the suicide, and you could just keep finding reasons that don't place blame on the bullied individual that chose to take their own life because people think that there was "no other choice". The bullied person pulled the trigger, slit their wrists, etc, it is their fault.

  • There are other factors

    Although it’s the person’s choice to commit suicide, they must’ve a reasonable explanation. The bully can be blamed, but if the victim doesn’t reach out or get the help that is needed, then the victim would feel like they don’t have another choice but to end the suffering that the bully has put them through.

  • Go make something of yourself

    The “victim” should learn how to stand up for themselves. While bullying is wrong, not everybody is going to be nice to you and in order to earn respect, you must have something for people to respect you for. You. Can’t just expect people to respect you for breathing. Screw those bullies. Go make something of yourself and show them who’s boss. It’s really not impossible.

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