If a child is failing a class should he be allowed to play sports?

  • Kid should not get to play to play if they have bad grades.

    Ok so look kid should not get to play sports if they have bad grades,because they won't do homework because of sports so if they won't do homework they won't pass A grade like 5 and 6 and that will probably Won't get a good job so if they don't have good grades then they will fale

  • Yes they should

    Sure, they don't pass their classes. But many can get scholarships, others get the excersice they need, some even try having better adittudes towards sports. They learn teamwork and life skills, as well as making better life choices. Kids need a break from school and homework, and there it is.

  • People ability to do sports should not be based on their intelligence.

    If they are smart doesn't mean the are going to be good at sports. If you are dumb doesn't mean you cant play sports. They can be dumb an be able to play an they can be smart an not be able to play or the other way around. It doesn't matter.

  • I think sports should grrds

    I think that sports should be played by people even if they are fles just like me. My friend had bad grades too and he got mad cuz he is good at basketball but he couldnt play most of the time so yea thats why grades should be irrelevent to sports

  • Yes Yes Yes

    Kids should be allowed to play sports even with failing grade so they will be entertain at the end of school, also they would be hurt if they gave up their career over their grades and if they continue playing it with wake them up and they will try to bring their grades up.

  • It doesn't matter if kids are failing

    I believe that kids should play sports even if they are failing. Children can't continue and try for a career in sports if parents and schools don't let them play. I can;t believe that schools and parents won't let kids play sports if they are failing a class. IT IS SO STUPID not to let them play.

  • I am a kid myself going through this and i think i should be able to play sports.

    This argument says "failing". I am not technically failing but according to my parents yes.. But on a teen's side of view.. And i speak for most teens is that sports is our time of releasing stress that has been building up inside us because of highschool or even hormones. If you take sports away all that stress gets bottled up inside which cannot be healthy. It is true that maybe if you take the sport then they can focus more in school but how can one focus if they are depressed about their passion? Is it right to take something away that and their commitment because you are teaching us that it is okay to quit and break that commitment because of something else.

  • Gives them something to work towards

    If a student is failing a class and wants to join a sport I think that they should be able to. That doesn't mean Play. I believe that they should work to play but can still practice. Then they will have a reason to keep their grades up in class.

  • Students Need An Education not Just Sports

    From personal experience along with some of my other friends’ experiences I know that if you are competing in a sport that you have to take time out of your daily schedule to practice or participate in the game. Practice can last varying amounts of time and sometimes they take place on a school night. This brings me to my first point. If students spend their evenings practicing a sport they may not be able to get their homework done or get a chance to study at all. From this their grade will drop and it’s more than likely that your education will get your further than a sport.

  • No Gym ?

    Most schools don't have gym every day, like my school we have to wait 3 weeks then we only have gym for 1 week. And most students don't have time to exercise after school because they have to much home work. This leads in to the obesity problem that we are struggling with right now.

  • Pull your grades up!

    Students should not be allowed to play sports due to the fact that it will only worsen the child's grade. Parents and teachers need to know where the line separates athletes from students. This doesn't mean kids shouldn't play sports at all. It only means that they can't play a competitve or a time demanding sport. A wreck team, or just going to the park once a week is better for student's grades.

  • Why are they in School?

    The point of school is to get an education. They shouldn't be focusing on something that is extracurricular that will just take their focus off of school. It only distracts from school to have something extra that engulfs a lot of their time. It is also a really good motivation to have to get good grades to be in football. Setting the bar and giving them something they enjoy for a little more work is a really good way to help kids to be properly educated.

  • Bronze vs brains

    If you do not play basketball or football at Division I or II levels, you will only receive half-athletic scholarships. Even if you play in Division III or Ivy League schools, you will not get genuine scholarships. There are not enough scholarships to give everyone full-athletic scholarships. Therefore grades are more important

  • Brains vs bronze

    Most athletes who play sports do not always become professional athletes and get a scholarship for it. Even if your kid is amazing at sports there isn't enough scholarships to go around,and that's a fact. So should kids be able to play sports if their grades aren't high enough, No.

  • Students should have to pass

    When i was in school i always did better in school when i had sports because i didnt want to fail so i could play sports so no no no no no no no no nno no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • No matter pass no play

    Most kids take advantage of what they have what if they don't make it in the big leagues they may end up on the street with no money or food and be homeless because they had nothing to fall back on from school therefor you make they dision if you want to take that chance of maybe ending up on the street because of not having any school information to impress job businesses or have a very small chance to be a pro

  • School comes first

    School is for learning not for playing sports. The reason for sports is an extra curricular activity. If you are failing a class all of your time should be devoted to your studies, NOT you sports. If a student spends their whole high school career worrying about sports, you will have a hard time finding college to go to when your grade are not okay.

  • School comes before sports

    Why should you play sports if your not getting an education. Think about it there is a lot bigger percent of you going to college and continuing your education and after that making a living with your job then becoming a pro athlete; I know that sports help you think and helps you focus, but that is what you backyard or simply playing outside is for and also I guess gym class

  • Good grades or no game

    Sports does not give you an education or helps you pass on to the next grade. If you do not maintain your grades you should not be allowed to play sports. Remember sports is a privilege not a right. Education comes first before any sport. Good grades or no game.

  • Responsibility Is A Great Ability

    Students who fail and are not able to play are being taught how responsibility through their actions. Because they failed a class, their punishment is not playing, so next time the grades come in they will have been more responsible and be able to play their sport that they have chosen.

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