If a couple has sex (And not married), should they be required to get married?

Asked by: SnaxAttack
  • You Made the Decision

    If you made the decision of having sex before marriage, you should be the one to take the effect. Not including rape, if the individual decided to have sex with a man or woman, knowing he or she might get drunk in the process, they need to take responsibility of their own actions.

    Sex is a charitable ability and should be used right. Not be used for pleasure or joy, until after marriage because you made a commitment to your mate. A commitment where you must promise and uphold until you die.

  • Yes, it's YOUR decision. Premarital sex is a good thing.

    Jill Filipovic said that "discouraging people from having premarital sex has never, not once, not at any point in human history, succeeded in getting people to actually stop having sex." She also said that 95% of Americans had sex before they get married, and even in preceding generations, the vast majority of Americans got busy before they tied the knot. Even though I am a Catholic, I do believe that premarital sex is needed to consummate the very stable relationship because marriage is a liberty applied to all, not to the few.

  • Yes Take The Responsibility

    If you have sex then you should know that there is a responsibility to take and that there will be consequences for example HIV,STI or having children. You can not have sex the you leave you partner because it shows weakness. If you get married and have a child then you should be happy be happy because you have started a new generation ahead

  • Would lead to a very large increase in divorces and takes away freedoms.

    We cannot deny human nature, we are lustful dumb folk, especially at a young age. Forcing marriage will just lead to an even larger divorce rate.

    If that is not enough, no one should be forced to be married, what kind of good can come out of being forced into a relationship like that?

  • Yet it is in fact, YOUR decision.

    Not everyone is religious, and therefore should not be required to abide by these religions' laws. Not to mention, there are people out there who simply do not believe in marriage itself. They see the union as nothing but a religious ritual. Thus, arresting fornicators is morally wrong, no matter personal beliefs. Human beings have the right to have sex, after all, it is a natural occurrence. The process just so happens to cause joy. Furthermore, sex is a very good form of stress relief, allowing it to become a very effective form of therapy.

    By prohibiting sex between non-married parties, you are essentially forcing people to ask the government for children, as many nations require marital licences. Marriage is a personal liberty, and should not be forced upon those whom do not wish to be bound to such an agreement.

    Posted by: YFNG
  • Good grief, heck no.

    One person's opinion of what is the "right use of sex" definitely won't apply to us all. "Not to be used for pleasure or joy"? That's just not the way it is - the overwhelming amount of sexual episodes are because the people involved want it, not because they want kids or are necessarily thinking of marriage.

  • Marriage should be abolished.

    Marriage is an outdated and homophobic institution. It was a way for leaders to control the masses and to enforce random, arbitrary laws of 'good' and 'bad' for no other reason than to allow someone to think they are superior. If someone had sex outside of marriage, then they are 'bad' and 'inferior' while I, who haven't had sex outside of marriage, am 'good' and 'superior'.
    Being REQUIRED to get married, then, is a continuation of a backward system, supporting an immoral institution.
    Maybe we should all just have a massive, fornicating orgy and release our sexual inhibitions to prove to ourselves and others that sex outside marriage isn't a 'bad' thing that makes someone 'inferior'. Let's be free from conservative, outdated notions of relationships and celebrate a liberated society.

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