If a girl doesn't want something, should you force it upon her?

Asked by: JoJessly
  • There's something called a law

    I'm not actually sure what this question is directed at, so I'll just choose something and post. So I'm talking about laws. Generally people don't like laws. This translates into certain laws being undesirable. A lot of these laws apply to both genders. So yes, this is a gender specific question, but it's the same thing with guys and girls. Sometimes we have to enforce something people don't really want just because it's good for the public. I'm not saying it should just be girls, but girls aren't left out of the equation either.

  • Every person has freedom of choice and rights

    If the girl doesn't want something, why should you force it on her? Treat others the way you want to be treated. You would not like if someone forced you to do something that you didn't want to do. Why should that apply to girls? Every person and girl have the freedom to decide whatever they want. If they chose not to, we shouldn't interfere with their decision if it is their choice that they don't want to do.

  • No you Shouldn't

    This is kinda a sexist question. Why should it be okay to force something on a girl but not a guy? Either way, forcing something on someone is not okay. It's never gonna be okay. People have their rights. If a person says no, they mean no. This goes for both genders

  • This is the same for everyone.

    Everyone deserves respect - if someone doesn't want you to do something, what right do you have to force it upon them? Doing so is a crime, and in many cases is punishable as one. We all have the capability to exhibit human decency - compassion, respect, etc. Sometimes, people just aren't big enough to act as a bigger person. This is the kind of thing we have to stop.

  • Violation of human decency.

    But...Why does this only apply to girls? It's basic human rights--if someone reasonably doesn't want something, you shouldn't force it upon them. Gender is irrelevant. I can't imagine why anyone could conceivably say yes to this question.

    But I've noticed a slew of girls saying guys shouldn't force anything onto girls but then feel they're entitled to what they want that the guy doesn't want because he should respect her. Wake-up call: You're not the only one in the relationship whose needs should be respected. Relationships require communication, negotiation, and compromise.

  • No you shouldn't force her.

    You shouldn't ever force a girl into something that makes her uncomfortable. Which includes gifts, sex, and conversations. Say for instance he wants to give her a ring, and she isn't comfortable accepting it because it is a bit much, DROP IT. Don't force a girl to do anything making her upset because you may just lose her.

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themohawkninja says2013-11-15T01:47:10.217
I don't know, if a 13-14 year old girl gets pregnant and wants the child, forcing an abortion or at least forcing the child into adoption isn't a terrible idea.
WriterSelbe says2013-11-15T04:08:19.827
There isn't an objective answer. It really depends.