If a guy gets you an ugly ring, Does that mean he's not the one for you?

Asked by: amanee97
  • I think it means he needs to do better.

    He needs to know what you like and what you don't like. It's important for guys to know this about their girl. If they don't, You might want to re-evaluate the relationship immediately. I feel it is only appropriate that the guy have the sole responsibility of knowing his girlfriend.

  • Yes, Now please go read more books

    It means he’s not the one for you. Because if a man gets you a ring, And all you can think of is how ugly it is. . . Then it means you’re shallow, And he deserves someone with a heart deeper than jewelry aesthetics. Love with your heart, Not your eyes.

  • That would make you a gold digger

    If your parents give you a bad birthday present, Does that mean you are adopted? No. It comes down to multiple reasons. Rings are highly expensive. They are about $500 for an average one. If the cost of a ring is the deciding factor that is literally an example of a gold digger.

  • Big Boys :)

    They love you for how you are not the money if you like them that is the one you should go and marry them it should not matte about the ring at all and if she thinks that the ring is ugly than they want just bands for sure. . . . :) $$

  • Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

    Different people have different tastes. Were the proposer might like rubies with darth vader's face engraved on it, The person being proposed too might want a sapphire with the face of captain kirk. What some people see as beautiful other might think is horrible and disgusting.
    Also sometimes the proposer might give their bride to be (hopefully) something that is of great emotional value. In that case it would be quite horrible in my opinion to turn him down just because it's ugly.
    And to address amanee97's argument. You can't know everything about your girlfriend. Especially small minute details like engagement ring preferences. Ultimately, It should not be required of men to stalk their girlfriends to know everything about them, And, If it's really that bad, Just trade it in.

  • He might just not have an eye for it.

    He could just be bad at that kind of thing. That should not be the deciding factor. As long as he tried it should not matter what the ring looks like. What should real matter is that he loves her enough to want to spend the rest of his life with her.

  • All it matters is his love for you.

    First, If your mom got you an ugly pair of shoes, It doesn't mean she doesn't love you/she isn't your mom. It is the same here, If a guy bothered to get you a ring, Appreciate it. He may have a differing taste from you, And people are different. End of conversation.

  • Gold digging women.

    It shouldn't matter what the ring looks like, It is him making himself vulnerable to rejection because he loves you and wants to make a life with. He wants to take on the world with you. Not everyone can afford the "biggest and best. " It's an expression of love, Not a checking account.

  • Does not mean anything at all!

    Looks aren't as important as symbolism. He might of thought it was beautiful but you didn't but it's fine, Because he got it to celebrate your love for each other and to symbolize your love forever and always. If looks are more important to you, Then maybe you should be with someone who like looks more than anything as well.

  • Inner Mentality Problem

    If a guy gives you a ugly ring, It doesn't means he is not for you. It just means you can't see the beauty which he sees in that ring. Its our different perspective and mentality which forces s to believe that it is ugly. For improving it we have see from others eyes. Maybe if you don't like the ring, It may happen the opponent feels bad. If it is a cheap ring, Which you think is ugly; maybe it the maximum price he can afford. And at last i just want to say that if can't understand the other persons mind and his actions without speaking a single word, You my friend is not in love. It might be just a attraction or fling.

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