• It might be and it might not be

    I said yes just because it is a possibility, I am gay but I don't wear pink or really have pink stuff. However my boyfriend (also gay, Well obviously) he loves pink wears it, Has pink lights in his room. The funny aspect is I am the more compassionate caring one and he is the muscly football player everyone thinks is straight. So It could be and it could not be.

  • Yes indeed it does, and here's proof!!!

    Let me tell a story.

    I once owned a great shirt that was red. It was a t-shirt of my favorite sports team. Well my wife did my laundry one day and somehow someway, my comfortable red t-shirt came out of the wash a seemingly less comfortable pink t-shirt.

    One, I was pissed that my favorite shirt from my favorite team was ruined. Two, it caused an argument about the common sense of bleach, whites, and a bright vibrant red shirt. Basically she said I was overreacting and to just wear the shirt.

    One day I wore it to do some projects out back of my house in my wood shop. I was working on some custom molding for our house when my friend Sanders came by. He walks in and let's out a boisterous laugh. "Hahahahaha!!!" He goes on pointing and laughing.. Asking me why I was wearing a women's pink shirt.. Calling me derogatory names like rump ranger and pillow biter.. Basically being a real jerk.

    I quickly tried to change the subject, and was showing off my projects in the wood shop. As I was doing this he kept poking me in the butt and back and calling me names, calling me fa**ot, and jokingly asking If i wanted to "make out or something". All of this over a freaking pink shirt. I was hurt.

    Here's why I say Yes, pink makes you gay. One of the times he poked me as I was turning around and he accidentally poked me in my crotch. I immediately got rock hard, and he noticed! He started saying "oh first a pink shirt and now a boner?" and like laughing and carrying on loudly. Mind you we were in the wood shed, and my wife and neighbors were inside my house. I was SO afraid they'd hear him being so rude and crude. I had to take matters into my own hands. I told him to quiet down and shut up. He only got louder. Finally I took a piece of molding I was working on and swung it very hard at the back of his legs. He immediately drops to his knees in agony, and almost instinctively I whip out my raging erection and cram it in his mouth. I said "maybe this will shut you up!!" He ended up blowing me in that wood shop right then and there and I finished on his face.

    Afterwords he goes, "see, that shirt makes you look queer"..

    I don't know what to think now, but I promise you this, I am NEVER wearing pink again. Ever.

    I threw away my shirt, and my wife asked me why. I don't know what to tell my wife, but I don't even find myself attracted to her now after that experience.

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  • Its just a color

    Its just a color man, Idc what people say, When you like a color, You like it, It doesnt need to have to be related to like masculinity or femininity at all. Colors are colors and what a man likes and dislikes does not determine his sexual orientation at all in my humble opinion

  • Its not gay

    I swear that the color pink is just brightly nice and men could like pink like girls liking the color black, its just like that but does that mean that girls are lesbian? No because its a color that many people like, it makes no sense because its just a color that people like

  • Pink is NOT a girl color, nor a boy color

    I have no idea why this disgusting stereotype began. PINK IS NOT GAY. My brother occasionally wears pink, and he's got himself a GIRLfriend. Not a boyfriend. Pink is also not a girl color. THE STEREOTYPE thinks it is, but it's not. Pink represents love and compassion- not for homosexual marketing, barbie dolls, and cubical sheep. I'm a girl that outgrew pink a long time ago- the last time i was obsessed with pink was when i was 6 years old. That's a long time ago. Don't get me wrong- i like pink, i'm just sick of the controversy behind it and feminine characteristics. So again i say- PINK is neither a girl color, nor a boy color.

  • No it doesn't mean anything.

    Pink actually used to be the male colour because it was closer to red which was or still is seen as an aggressive colour whereas blue was seen as delicate and feminine ( this is why the Virgin Mary is usually depicted in blue in old paintings). Then sometime in the 1900s, a department store in America started a trend of reversing it and selling baby clothes for boys in blue and pink for girls. It took off and widespread and like Santa wearing red people assume that's the way it's always been. Ergo: liking pink doesn't mean anything because fashions change and what something meant one day can be totally different another day so we can't stereotype.

  • No way .

    Pink is a color . Not a gender. People made that up about pink is for girls . What if was considered for men ? Come on ! Pink has nothing to do with gender . People just came up with this .! Be smart , pink is a color not a gender . A color will never define a gender or a sexuality.!

  • No way .

    Pink is a color . Not a gender. People made that up about pink is for girls . What if was considered for men ? Come on ! Pink has nothing to do with gender . People just came up with this .! Be smart , pink is a color not a gender . A color will never define a gender or a sexuality.!

  • Nope it isn't

    The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl. So in my opinion pink isn't a gay collour

  • Pink is not a gay color

    Its just a color i dont know why its such a big deal if a guy likes pink. Alot of people say its gay but think about breast cancer. A ton of people wair pink and people dont say it is gay. Everyone who says its gay they are gay.


    Dude pink is so gay its like a bright fluffy colour and its for girls. I said yes because pink is a girly colour but it doesn't necessarily make him gay but it is girly af dude! Not even light blue is really not gay (light blue is kinnnnnda gay not really tho) because its just bright and fluffy like pink but it definitely isn't that bad like its fine yaaa but this is JUST my opinion so back off haters!

  • A 100% no.

    I don't get it. Just because a guy likes pink doesn't mean he's gay. Gay means happy. Happy and color is so different. Just because you like pink doesn't mean you're gay. It's just a color, wake up!
    Liking a color 'pink' is not a big deal. People these days are so ignoramus. The world doesn't make sense anymore, I swear.

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