If a mother is told by her daughter that she is being raped and the mother does nothing, should the mother be on the sex offenders list?

  • Absolutely She Should

    She should definitely be put on the registry and charged with something if the accusation turns out to be true. To allow someone to hurt a child and not say or do anything about it completely wrong. It's like being an accessory to a crime and and covering it up.

  • One of a Mother's duties is to protect!

    How can a mother call herself a mother if she will not protect her child? A child that has been violated looks for the protection of a parent! And when a parent fails in doing so what do you think will be the long term affect? Who here can speak by experience? Well for starters I know that I can. I was raped at the age of 12! The fear that I fealt was overwhelming. My mother was told that I was raped and the first words out of her mouth were.... I DON'T WANT NO TROUBLE. My mother, my mom, the woman I loved with all my heart! Thought of herself first. Instead of naturally going into a motherly protective mode she hid and kept it a secret and then made me feel as if I did something wrong. To this day it hurts me so much to know that my mother this poor choice. She now ridicules me as a mother constantly belittling my parental tactics. I'm still affected by what happened and even more hurt because after so many years my mother in a moment of anger told me that I deserved it..... Those old wounds suddenly felt so fresh. I don't hate my mother, but I resent her choices and now with what she has said to me I don't want to be around her I want her to leave me alone.

  • Without a Doubt!

    How can a mother who has taken care of her child throughout her entire life allow her to be raped, knowing she is being raped, and not do ANYTHING about it possibly be free from any punishment. Say you are a witness of a raping, you raped the person just as much as the guy actually touching the person being raped. You are not doing anything, you are merely watching this poor persons body become infiltrated. Even if you didn't witness it, but you know its happened an that it can happen again and you still do not do anything about it, Its like raping the person yourself. To make matters worse, this person is her own mother. Mothers are supposed to be seen as the person a child should be able to trust. How can you trust someone who doesn't do anything about you being raped. In conclusion, I believe the mother should indeed be put onto the sex offenders list.

  • Wrong punishment given

    The mother should not be put on the sex offenders list as she has not sexually abused or raped anyone. However, the negligence she has displayed by ignoring her daughters serious claim of rape should be punishment but in a different way. By the time the girl is raped and tells her mother, up until then the mother has no part in any such crime and therefore shouldn't be put on the sex offenders list; although her response is morally wrong and should be punished.

  • Sex Offender List Unjust

    I do not believe the sex offender list serves any real purpose. The majority of people on those lists are not predators, nor are they seeking to do harm. Rather, people use the sex offender list to harass the people listed there. It would be unfortunate for a mother to turn a blind eye to her daughters problem, however I see no reason for the mother to be on the sex offender registry because of it. Child neglect charges seem more appropriate.

  • No...Also some circumstances could prevent her from doing anything

    The question states that the girl is being sexually abused, suggesting a pattern of abuse rather than a one-time incident. This would likely suggest perhaps an abusive homelife, perhaps in the mother's own home and perpetrator being someone in the home OR an abusive relationship the daughter is in. Both of these scenarios would classify as abusive relationships.

    One of the common misconceptions of abusive relationships is that they are easy to leave. Victims possibly can't leave their abusers because of things like an escalated threat of violence (studies indicate that the most severe incidences of inter-partner violence occurs when the partner tries to leave. Some of these cases end in murder, the leading cause of death in pregnant women is murder).

    Abusive partners can manipulate the circumstances in order to control their victims. For example, pets are not allowed in shelters for battered women, so if the woman leaves, the partner can abuse or kill the beloved pets. Or say that a woman has a 17 year old son, and he is not allowed in the shelter but has no where else to turn. Or if the women is unemployed and since she is married, she is not eligible for welfare, so she can't save up money to escape.

    Studies indicate that partner who are abusive in one way, are often abusive in other ways. For example, men who batter women also batter children and animals. If a woman's husband is abusing her daughter, it might be difficult for her to do anything if she is being abused as well.

    If the daughter is experiencing abuse from her own partner, it might still be difficult for the mother to do anything. I had a friend confide in me about her sexual abuse with a person she knew. I called up a sexual assault hotline to try to get her some help. The person on the hotline directed me to a special victims detective, but I was told that they could not proceed with an investigation because they didn't have the victim's consent. So in the case of a sexually abusive relationship, the mother would still be powerless. The daughter would have to try to do something, but might be frightened to do anything, to prevent escalations of violence. It is also risky because police and culture don't take rape that seriously. They might blame the victim or just not put any effort into the investigation. If it goes public, she might be ostracized and harassed for her own abuse, even by her own friends and family.

    I just think it is inappropriate to label someone as a sex offender when they didn't actually do the deed themselves. Some may be guilty of the bystander effect, and that is horrible, but I don't think that it is productive to throw these people in prison. What would really help is if people got education on abusive relationships, especially who to contact in dire need.

  • She hasn't really done anything sexual to the daughter so no

    I do however think that the mother should be held accountable for letting the rape continue. I mean honestly how can a mother knowingly let her daughter be raped and not do anything about it. If anything she's practically saying she doesn't care. A mother who does that is not a mother at all

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