If a person says something racist, but on a question claims to not be arrogant, does that make them a troll -- not a racist?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • I chose the pic for a reason

    To me, there was a question I posted about Visigoths being more racist. He went out and said they were superior but then claimed they weren't arrogant -- which led to believe that either he made a mistake or he's a troll. I believe white Nordic racists are openly racist and they don't deny it. Better yet, I think they are arrogant and don't hide it either. They won't deny it. My thing is this if you're answering that way on a question, you're not a racist.

    A real racist would have "Yes we are arrogant and we can be -- we're better than you."

  • Your Arrogance Shows You Are Castillian

    I made no mistake, Hispanics of Visigothic ancestry are truly more humble and superior to the native Castillians. It shows even today that Hispanics of Visigothic origin are more intelligent, more dilligent, and more desirable than the average Castillian. They are not more arrogant because they consider everyone beneath them as equals. The Nordic people and Germanic People are the true blooded people. They have reached their influence over so many different ethnic groups and colonized many uncivilized places, such as Hispania. That is why you see most people having the Germanic ancestry in large and powerful countries.

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