If a son has a shaky relationship with his mom should they have sex to improve relationship?

  • Only if it's really necessary and over age of consent

    I know it sounds gross but after touching each other and experiencing each others bodies they'll feel really closer together. It can be a really good stress reliever for them and it could help them grow their emotions to each other and it would be a lot better than them just screaming at each other constantly fighting. I know it sounds gross but if it helps their mental health then I'm for it.

  • If it helps

    If both mother and son are happy to try and have an open mind then why not? . We all know sex can be very bonding and bring people closer. But you would obviously still have to work on all aspects of the mother and son relationship eg spending quality time together. I don't think sex is the cure to this situation but it would certainly strengthen the relationship.

  • I'm taking this stance mostly to spite the logic of the "No" voters, Who don't have much logical support for their vote.

    Hilariously enough, The reprobates to the right believe that this is wrong because of social and biological relation rather than infidelity, Despite only the latter being wrong. I oppose it on grounds of infidelity, Not relation, So I can defend it from a standpoint of relation instead. Assuming, Like the circumstance I mentioned in the comments, That a mother can be with her son with no aspect of mental infidelity in play, Then it absolutely builds their relationship. Mutual love cannot under any circumstance be wrong.
    So, Assuming infidelity is removed from play, I actually would support that. However, This is a niche hypothetical situation, So I'm partially playing devils advocate.

  • If everyone wants it

    As with everything in life, Its up to the people doing the action. If they both want to I really can't see any harm. Could be a great stress relieve and strengthen their shaky relationship. Sex is a bonding activity.
    Of course only do this is they both want it.

  • Ah, The Freudian Method

    Social Taboo, Certainly. A violation of the American family unit, Most definitely. Is even the mere suggestion a threat of the verging sexual degeneracy emerging in the collective conscious, Without a doubt! But who is to say that men are not beasts born of and ruled by the womb? Who is to say that the flesh cannot heal wounds made by the soul and mind? Who is to say that a solution is a solution nonetheless, And that the ends do not justify the means. We cannot forbid the method, Because we associate the cure with the sickness. It is no different from radiation therapy in a cancer patient, Why would you inflict radiation on a tumor when the tumor was birthed from radiation. And so the womb to the man. And so death to life. It is the meaning you give it, But we only have so much time on this earth. So will stubborn hatred and stoicism be the marker of the respectable society, Or could we not make the beastly pleasure of our nature the emblem on our flags. Raising high not the ideal of perfection, But of union? That is for you to decide.

  • No there's more psychological issues

    Like a mom is supposed to be a mom she's not supposed to be a wife or girlfriend or s3x buddy. Incest is just wrong on so many levels and if they have a shaky relationship there's plenty of other options that would be much better than this. Sorry but there's no accepting incest.

  • If biological, No, If step mom, Maybe

    If its your biological mother, F%@k no, If its your stepmom, Id still say no but if you they are both over the age of consent and the dad or other mom, The mom thats actually doing it and the son agree than I guess its alright, Still very weird though

  • Mother-son relationships should remain platonic

    Mother-son relationships should stay strictly platonic. Besides the obvious reason (incest), There is an inherent power dynamic a parent-child relationship. A romantic or sexual relationship between a mother and a son will be unequal, And the mother will be taking advantage of the son, No matter the age. Sexual relations will only confuse and damage the relationship further. This is probably just a troll, But on the off-chance that this is a legitimate question, I suggest going to a therapist to work out your issues with a professional.

  • No no no

    First of all, Trying to improve a relationship with sex is not the best answer for any situation. If there are relationship problems then talk with words and not by sticking a dangas in the vageo. Also if they actually try and do this, After the fact, It could actually ruin the relationship between mother and son because you now just introduced sex into the mix like some weirdos.

  • Wow just wow no

    Honestly your question really makes me question society and I hope to god that wherever you’re at or whatever the hell you are you’re just trolling. Your points are completely disgusting and I really hope you aren’t doing your own mom but again I think you’re just trolling. Society has degraded pretty badly recently and this question alone makes me lose my faith 10x more in society. Well since I responded to most likely a troll and he affected me by losing faith in society I guess he won dammit. Oh well I guess were just gonna have to put up with this type of nonsense now.

  • Bring out the pitchforks

    I don't know what nonsense your mother or uncles told you but that is not normal.
    Either you are a edgy troll or you were groomed by a predator to the point that you are damaged inside.
    That is not right and if someone in your family is telling you that or is trying to do things to you in secret, You call the police.

  • What the heck? No!

    Mother-son relationships are strictly platonic. Sons and mothers do not pursue each other romantically. No platonic sex, Either. That is the woman who birthed you. You exited that hole to never go back in. That's just sick. Plain and simple. If you and your mother aren't getting along, Then you should mend bridges by apologizing and engaging in appropriate mother-son activities. Cuddling is as physical as it gets.

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Pisx7 says2020-09-21T12:25:56.287
I'm not a complete idiot so I'm not going to lump myself in with the "No" voters, Especially since they managed to spout fallacious, Emotionally driven refuse and personal attacks instead of providing any reasoning for their vote. The only problems with that would be casual sex and infidelity, Since anyone's mother would in nearly all instances have had a consensual relationship with their father to produce them in the first place. Otherwise, There is no problem. So, Say if a woman was raped, Had a son from the rape and then entered a relationship with him as an adult, It'd be perfectly acceptable (though this is an admittedly rare scenario).

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