If a student fails their classes, should they be held back?

  • Yes yes yes yes

    If a student who fails a class doesnt get held back then the next year they are just going to keep falling more and more behind as the years go on. Also it doesnt do the class any good as a whole if someone doesnt get it because then there is more time spent on a lesson everyone gets except this one person. Also its not fair to the kids who try to learn and actually turn their work in to have their classmate get a modified easy test just because theyre lazy and dont care about school

  • I agree they should.

    If they don't understand then they should ask for help. If they don't try or care why should they go on to the next class? They should be held back if they don't understand. That way they can learn and know how to do the subjects. If they don't have a understanding then everything will just get harder each year. Sometimes they're held back by their behavior too. If they don't have a good attitude why should they continue. They need to shape up and get the grades and attitude they need to pass.

  • Yes yes yes

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  • I was held back in 3rd and its the best thing that ever happened bc i feel smarter now

    Most ppl would say when they was held back it helped them in the long run. . . If you was held back u wold understand that if u don't get what ur missing why would you not be held back it makes since to learn what u missed then never understand what u missed.

  • Students Aren't Prepared to Advance

    By failing, the student has shown the lack of basic understanding of the content, or preparedness necessary to succeed at the next grade. Allowing the student to advance under these circumstances is irresponsible and only compounds the issue. If the students have issues learning in standard classroom environments, the issue should be resolved between the teachers, guardians, and student such that the student can achieve base-level understanding in their own way. If this cannot be resolved before the start of the next term, then the student will have to be held back, as unfortunate as it may be.

  • I say yes

    I think that students who fail their classes should be held back because they won't be able to learn more advanced stuff in the next grade if they can't learn stuff in their current grade. This is one of the reasons why i think that students should be held back if they have a bad grade.

  • I think they should

    I think they should because if they go to the other grade its going to make it more difficoult for them because there not going to know what to do and so it is better for them to stay so they can do more good for them to stay there

  • They can get stressed out

    I think that kids should get held back because if they go to the other grade there are not going to now noything and they can get stressed out and that is not good for kids to get stresed out so i think they should get held back so yes

  • Failing shouldn't be an option

    If kids decide it's a great idea to be lazy ass' in school they should have to face the consequences. The parents may say that their kids have some kind of disorder, but unfortunately the school systems don't care at ALL. If a kid is having problems they can easily get a therapist to help with depression and if you can't afford it, then parents can just as easily talk to the kids themselves, and school's usually have someone they can talk to, a nurse, or even just a teacher or principle.
    If they fail their classes moving them up will not help them with shit.

  • Maybe , so

    Yes because all they will do is keep failing because if you already failing in the grade you in why should they put you in a higher grade all you will do is keep failing until you understand and the only way you will is by giving you more time in the same grade to get get it together , like at my school they gave the kids to january to get there selves together and if you didnt that was your fought if you did you was moved to you right grade but you always shiuld give the kids a chance

  • No thats stupid

    Why should we get held back for one class I refuse to get held back after getting so far in the school i say hell no fuck the school and everything about it fuck my life and fuck the school and fuck the govererment and everyone who decided to make fucking school so fucking goddamn hard

  • Its not going to help them succeed because it will just make them even more depressed and maybe even cause them to commit suicide .

    My point is holding them back isn't going to help them do better at school its just going to make them do worse. So please don't hold back anymore kids because its not going to help them do better in the world so please help us get rid of it.

  • Absolutely not no way

    It isn't going to help! What if it's because of an illness or depression? You'll make them more depressed by holding them back and maybe the way the school teaches doesn't benefit them. Not everyone learns the same way. Being held back is not an appropriate way to address the situation

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  • Students just need help!

    I say no because most kids fail classes because they don't understand the lessons. If they don't understand the lesson one year, they wont understand it the next year either because its the same thing every year. Why make them repeat the class if they just don't understand the lessons at all. It's not like learning the same thing twice is going to help them understand it. It will make them understand it even less than they already do. They shouldn't have to repeat the class, they should just get extra help. If a teacher notices there failing, they should get them extra help. They should contact their parents and let them know the situation so the parent and teacher can negotiate a plan on how the student can improve his or her grade. There's a difference between a student caring about his/or her education but just not understanding the lessons, and a student just not caring.

  • No why would you want them to repeat the grade?

    Why would want to let students retake the classes that they failed in they should be allowed to to just more on to the next grade. The teachers are only saying they want the students to stay back is because they don't really like the students they in their classes

  • No not at all

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    It stupid why would u have to. U dont learn anything and what does it solve nothing exactly its stupid and say if u do what are u learning exactly because u have already done it. Just don´t do and that makes kids sad and mad that there friends are moving on without u

  • Hack no no

    Why should they held back? Why should they? What if they got REAL Job? Jobs are more important than school work because school do not pay students money but Job do. Some kids want to have 'freedom' which all of kids in my school want to do. And when I was little I hear that kid said "school is prison, We need freedom" to his teacher and he got trouble for that and I agree with that, school IS the prison

  • Of course not

    There are some advance kids who have to work day and night.They get less than seven hours of sleep.This is coming from a advanced student.I go to a really strict well educated school and the farther I get, the harder the classes become .I have 8 classes and about six of them give me homework. They also want to study every night for ALL of the classes along with doing homework and the stupid internet programs that have no sense. What about the kids who know the subject, but they are just horrible testers like me. Im trying to balance everything out, trying to make a schedule, but such schedule doesn't seem to exist. I quote this guy I know who said."I went to school from 8 am to 4.30 pm. Walked two miles to school and 2 miles back home. EVERY class gave us homework! There was many a night I was still up trying to finish everything, way past midnight. A child should get at least 8 hours of uninterupted sleep, but you tell me, how I could possibly have done that!? BUT! Being young, I survived the seven years I spent at that school, and joined the adult world, which, I found it was a lot less stressful!!! My boss never gave me homework to do! LOL!!! But, you are right, Too much homework can either make or break a young person. The schools should think about the students health when doling out homework. They forget, the child might, and generally DOES how other chores to do when they go home.If the teachers had got through to the students during class time, there should be little reason to pile on homework for the kid to do after school!" Im not in college or highschool.IM IN MIDDLE SCHOOL AND THEIR GIVING ME THIS MUCH F**KING HOMEWORK.NOT EVEN IN 8TH GRADE.Nope, this is ridiculous. This whole school has ridiculous.

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