If a student is failing a class, should they be required to stay after school to make up any late/missing work?

Asked by: ginga_ninja
  • Yes be required

    If a student is failing they need to pull their grades up, and if there is no influence at home, how can they study and do work? Being required to stay after school forces these students to work and they could potentially have 'one on one' time with the teacher if any help if needed

  • It would be a drastic change for them

    A failing student should be given a little more attention than the rankers. The school should provide extra classes for them and more activites so that they do well . These students should have extra classes where they could clear their doubts and the teachers could explain to them more briefly.

  • But of course

    Any student who fails a class obviously lacks discipline and should therefore be required to stay after class to endure a series of beatings in the hope that following the beating the student would develop a sense of discipline and modify his efforts to improve his academic standing that he may avoid further beatings. #troll #opinion #section

    Posted by: YYW
  • All in the day's work

    It is obvious that student must make up the lost material in order to stay at the requested level and to have more opportunities to improve your own personal knowledge and world outlook. At the same time this might be as a lesson for students that miss classses constantly so next time they will treat classes very seriously . In addition after school classes are also held as good opportunities to find out something new and to get something that previously was incomprehensible.

  • I was in the same spot.

    Back in my early high school years. I was the failing student. Mostly because I goofed off and didn't pay attention. I was in the special class (Not special for mentally challenged, but for those with learning disabilities or ADD/ADHD) because I had ADHD and a math disability. I didn't take notes, I drew instead of listening to lectures. I basically was failing pretty hard in Math. Now I know for a fact I needed help, because when I'd take homework I wouldn't do it at home. There were far too many distractions. Computer, Television, games.
    So my teacher actually made me stay after school or I did actually get quite a lot pink slips for Friday night school and detention.
    However it was too late. I ended up failing my math class and having to take summer school.

    So children, if you are failing a class, please stay after!
    You don't want to go to summer school or be held back!

  • Second chance given?

    The student who is almost going to fail his year has to try again after school, because if he will fail he has to re-do it and he/she will get bored and ruin the classes. The pupil will get more attention which might give a boost of confidence to go for it!

  • Yes students should have to stay after school for classes that they are failing because if they have late work.

    Students should have to stay after school when they are failing a class because of late work in that class becuase they aren't going to finish that late work on their own time. They should also have to stay after school just for failing that class becuase if your failing a class, that 's really sad.

  • If at first you don't succeed try try again.

    In order to succeed we need to give second chances but when a student fails to realize that they need help we must take over as adults and help these fallen students it's important that we help them because even though they don't know it now this stuff matters and it shouldn't be taken lightly.

  • School requires self motivation.

    Both my parents are teachers, and I recently completed work on a graduate degree. I know a lot about what it takes to succeed in school, and the number one lesson I've learned is that education requires an investment on the part of the student. Students can't just expect to absorb knowledge by sitting in a classroom. If they don't actively participate by paying attention, asking questions, and completing assignments, they will never be successful when it comes to learning. This applies to all levels of learning.

    I would agree that students who are struggling should have resources they can turn to if they WANT to pursue them. I just don't think what amounts to mandatory detention will make a difference for a student who doesn't want to learn. What we should be encouraging is increased parental involvement for these kids. Too many parents treat school like cheap daycare.

  • Its their choice

    If someone is failing a class, its due to their own choices and its not a schools place to force them to change. So it should be up to them to fix it, if they want to. A student is living their own life and i think its almost taking away from their rights to be forced to go.

    Posted by: Gorf
  • No, It is completely absurd.

    It is the students choice. Maybe he/she is going through a rough time. Maybe they are busy with things other than school. The school shouldn't force a kid to stay after school hours to make up homework or whatever they need to do. They should be doing it at their own home, and If they don't want to try and pass, Then let them. It's their choice in life. The school doesn't need to micro-manage a kids life and tell them what to do and what not to do, Of course there are some exceptions, But overall it is just not right. It's almost like a punishment for not trying hard. What if somebody was forced to work and they didn't know the material because they can't focus, I mean, Everybody is different and has different learning capabilities. That doesn't mean that you should punish them for not learning. I think I have made a pretty well argument. And I have to say Keeping Students After School is absolutely absurd.

  • That won't necessarily help

    If a student is failing the teachers must first look at why? Is it failure to hand in assignments, is it poor attendance, is it lack of effort, is it a learning difficulty, do they understand the subject, have they mastered previous material and so on. The solution to a problem needs to always consider the reason for the problem.

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