If a superior race existed, Should women of other races want to mate with that race?

Asked by: Batmangeek75
  • For desirable traits.

    No such race exists but if a superior race existed than women of other races would want to have children with men of that race. It is natural selection with people and only natural to desite healthy children. They would want their kids to be smart, Strong and attractive. This is all hypothetical.

  • Women are not like men

    Sure a lot of women go after men that have good looks and money, But not all women are like that.
    Some will marry and have children with men that makes you ask yourself why.
    I have seen a British woman marry a Muslim man she met. The Muslim man was not a model but a plain man. I have seen women go with tough looking men and some go with scrawny men with no real job or future.
    Point is that women have different tastes and who knows maybe a girl secretly likes you. If you improved your behavior and stopped acting like an edgy emo teen then you might even get a girlfriend. I have seen some not so attractive guys and even chubby guys get a girlfriends. There is hope even for you.

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