If a tree falls in the forest and nothing is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

  • It does make a sound are you stupid

    Imagine this. The year was 1968. I was nam. We flying over a forest when we got shot down by a viet cong guy. Bam. Smack dab in the middle of the beautiful vietnam forest. I was the only survivor. I wondered around for a couple days surviving on grass, bark and occasionally a berry and sometimes leaves. I also had to drink my own pee. I got poisoned from drinking my own pee. I was lying dead in the forest. At least i thought i was dead. I was technically dead, so there was noone in the forest. No ears at all. All of a sudden i heard it. A tree was falling right on top of me. It was about fall on when jesus appeared out of nowhere right in front of me and punched the tree. The tree made a noise, alerting jesus to me. And revived me and gave me a pat on the back the teleported back to me to my home base. That is why, ladies and gentlemen, if a tree falls in the forest and nothing is around to hear it, it does make a sound.

  • Yes of course

    We don't need an audience to validate the existence of sound. JUST LIKE THE RADIO WOULD CONTINUE TO TRANSIT WAVES IN THE SAME ROOM AS A DEAF PERSON. This is the most simple question and I don't get why people need to make it so complicating. Not being present to see or hear anything doesn't make it irrelevant, then you might as well go on living and arguing the fact that history before you were born never happened cause you were never there to hear/see/touch/experience it.

  • Of Course It does!

    Sound is not dependent on human, or animal ear drums. When the tree hits the ground, the vibration is sent through the air, but no one is to hear it. But, it still made a sound otherwise sound waves would not have been made. Like some noise's are too high for humans to hear, but that does not mean there is not a sound. Also if a recorder was there, it wouldve recorded the sound.

  • Duh! Course it does!

    Dude, the universe doesn't revolve around people. Say you have a crowd of people and a tree falls. It makes a (very loud) noise. Say you have nobody around and the tree falls. It makes a (very loud) noise because the variables haven't changed for the sound. Get a job philosophers.

  • Man is not the centre of creation or reality

    The term sound does not simply refer to the audible phenomena detected by the ear. Physics attributes the human ear with the ability to transduce a signal from "sound waves", that is to convert the vibrations of certain frequencies that we call sound into an electronic signal the brain can interpret. Thus the acknowledgement that sound itself stands apart from the ability to "hear" something. The vibrations will still be created by the tree falling thus "sound waves" will still be generated. Man does not have to exist for this to be true.

    This could well be likened to trying to explain to someone who has been blind from birth what the colour blue is. How do you describe something that exists in one pure form that the other person cannot perceive? Just because the blind person cannot see the colour blue does not mean that it ceases to exist, that is a function of the physical properties of certain pigments on the wavelength of light.

  • Yes it does

    It definitely makes a sound because trees existed before man did, and man didnt invent trees so just because a tree fell and no one heard it duh it makes a sound its not just going to say, "oh, theres no human around. Let me gently fall onto the ground"

  • Why would you ever think otherwise?

    If a deaf person farts in a Forest and nobody is around to hear it? Even if it was silent, vibrations would be made, thus, sound would be made. A sound is a mechanical wave made by vibrating matter, thus if matter vibrates, a sound is made. It's really very simple.

  • Yo yo peace on the homies dope

    Say if you left a camera, then recorded it, and you werent there but your camera was then that would mean you will see if it actually does it make or it doesnt make it sound. I tried it and it did make a sound, meaning you can hear it.

  • Reality is not dependent on man

    When a tree falls it creates sound waves, the leaves on the forest floor move, and birds fly off its branches. If we assume that the tree makes no sound with no human witness, then we may as well assume that the tree didn't fall at all, or that the tree did not exist before a man walked by and saw it.

  • Does a tree falling in a forest when nobody is around make vibrations?

    Yes, therefore sound is created. The existence of something does not depend upon our awareness of it. To think so is somewhat hubristic. If you said no to this question you may as well say that the stars and galaxies that are farther than 13.7 billion light years away don't exist because there light hasn't reached us yet.

  • In order to create a sound, you need something to hear it.

    A sound exists because an ear reacts to the waves that it created. The waves "shake" the ear which creates a sound. If there were no ear, the waves would just move around but wouldn't "hit" anything resulting in an absence of sound. Things only exist because people witness it.

  • No, it doesn't.

    While it may seem logical to assume it does, we must understand that there is no reality without man. If a person doesn't see, hear, or feel, the fallen tree, it remains in a state of being covered. This can be shown empirically with quantum mechanics, if you wish. This not only includes the tree, but everything. Truth, in this way, is formed by uncovering. It is neither true nor untrue that the tree has fallen, it is essentially in both states and in a state of nothing. Now, whether or not animals' consciousness has the uncovering of existence, I do not know. Once it has been observed, it collapses into a state in which it becomes either/or.

  • Witness to the fallen tree?

    If no one is around to witness the tree fall and create a noise how do we know the tree actually fell in the first place , and if we don't know the tree fell how could it possibly make a noise, as far as we know it's still standing!

  • No it does not

    George Orwell, the author of 1984 has the quote "everything exists through human consciousness" and i think it is quite a good point to make. So if nothing is there to hear the tree, who is to say it ever happened. If nothing can ever prove its existence, it never occured

  • Sound is heard, vibration is felt

    The potential energy of a standing tree must be translated as it falls. When it hits, part of that translation will be to vibrations. Even microbes will feel those vibrations eg through a disturbance in Brownian motion (unless they are attached to fixed surfaces), but they will not hear them, because they have no ears to hear. The energy change happens as an immutable part of physics but sound only happens based on human definition.

  • It's called Copenhagen interpretation

    Schrödinger's cat is the best known example of this. Reality does not happen unless there is an observer. Only then does the outcome get calculated and presented. So for a tree falling without an observer there would be no sound... The tree would effectively exist in something of a limbo state until an observer came along to see the outcode.

    It's easiest to think of this like how a video game on your monitor works. There are no pixels that invisibly exist just off the side of the screen. Yet things still "happen" - a tank moves, boulder starts rolling, or ... A tree falls. It isn't until that object is within the confines of your monitor that it is actually rendered. Before that point it's simply calculations running in the background.

  • No, it does not

    Sound must be heard to truly exist, who knows if the tree fell so slowly it made no sound. Yes we kow that when we watch trees fall they are loud but with the definition of noise being something that is heard, with not a person to hear this tree fall, there truly is no sound.

  • No ear, no sound.

    Without an ear to hear or an eye to see there is no "sound" as we know it, or "color/shapes/sizes" as we know them. There is only math. Our perceptions are not reality, but representations of it created by our brain. A nervous system attached to something sensitive to molecular vibrations is required to extract "sound" from the world.

  • Sound is an illusion of the brain

    Our brains register waves and vibrations traveling through the air. So if a tree falls, vibrations are caused, but if there's nothing to hear them there is no actual SOUND.
    However, if there was something nearby to collect the vibrations given off, then yes it would indeed make sound.


  • No it doesn't

    Sound has to have a receiver to be able yo be called sound. When the tree falls there will be sound waves in the air, but no receiver which doesn't make it a sound to be heard. If there were something that would here it then yes because there would be a creator and a receiver. The tree producing the sound would make sound waves in the air to be heard of by something or someone.

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tytecypha says2015-10-20T23:35:39.757
Uh.... Yeah it is bud
tytecypha says2015-10-20T23:40:00.937
If your clapping your hands in your house but i cant hear it how do i know i makes a sound .
Mathunga says2019-08-31T00:22:52.803
If there's a medium in which the vibrations travel through, Then yes, You'll be making sound. In space, You will not hear anything.
rdiiorio says2020-09-02T15:58:55.133
I mentioned it as being a question to bring about enlightenment meaning it may not exist as an event in your mind but it may exist in another mind.
rdiiorio says2020-09-02T16:03:28.897
Many speak of the 'mechanics' of sound, Hearing, Vibration what have you. What is not being discussed are the very concepts which led up to the origin of those 'mechanics'.

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