If a white man kills a black man in self defense is that still racism?

  • Yep its racism

    Black people are always right so if a black attacks it for a good reason. Especially if you are white then its justified because of what white people did to blacks, There doesnt need to be another reason. I think your subconscious racism is showing if you don't vote yes for this question

  • It's not, At all

    Defending yourself is a basic human right. It's not racism. If a black person attacks a white person, They should defend themselves, And vice versa. White supremacy and black supremacy are both wrong. Race shouldn't have anything to do with this: if someone's actions are terrible, They need to defend themselves against them.

  • It's not true regardless of what the media would say

    If a black criminal gang related thug kills an innocent white man just because he is white. It is not blamed on Racism and seen as a reasonable action against White Supremacy. But if a white man shoots a black guy not because of Racism but in self defense the media automatically takes it the wrong way and there is chaos and riots all over the country. But not all white on black shootings are motivated by racism. Sometimes it can be self defense, But I am not saying that white supremacy doesn't exist. But black supremacy is real too.

  • Cnn is screwed

    People complain that Fox News is a right news station that is all pro republican but nobody complains about cnn being pro Democractic Party, No wonder my coworker calls it Clinton News Network. CNN sides with Democrats and Fox News sides with republicans and everyone else, I don’t know where they are. Don’t shut down Fox News for being on the right bias unless you want to shut down cnn because they are pro left biased screw the media

  • No, This has nothing to do with racism

    Killing a person in self-defense is a normal fight or flight reaction. If anything the black person killing the white person is more likely to be racist.
    prejudice, Discrimination, Or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, Typically one that is a minority or marginalized.
    I bet you the person attacking in self-defense is not thinking, "this disgusting n###er needs to die.

  • Short answer is no.

    The bottom line to this question boils down to “self-defense. ” If any man (or women), Kills strictly for the preservation of their own life, Then by definition, There would be no racial component.

    The same could be said if a black man were to kill strictly to preserve his own life against that of a white man.

    If there is danger to one’s own life, Then killing in the name of survival cannot be construed in any way as racist because scenarios based upon self-defense aren’t race centric, They are race neutral.

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