If a woman can have an abortion against the father's will, can a man refuse to support a child against the mother's will?

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  • The government should pay child support

    Most parents who have to pay child support are themselves struggling to get by. Sometimes even though they are trying their hardest they can't afford it and end up in jail for not having enough money, something that is no fault of their own. At the very least we should limit child support payments to come from those who are rich. The government should pay for child support otherwise.

  • It's only fair.

    I totally support the woman's right to have an abortion, but if this decision is made despite what the father wishes, then isn't it only fair that the father of a child can opt-out of paying for a child?

    It doesn't seem fair or right that a father is REQUIRED to pay child support if the child can be proven his, yet a mother is free to choose to give birth or have an abortion whether or not the partner consents.

    What do you think?

  • They can walk out whenever they want.

    It's hard to say this but...... Heck yeah dudes can! If they aren't ready for a child then they can leave. Besides people should've thought about this! If you don't want a child then wear protection! Girls may not want to be alone taking care of the child but if the man is unwilling to take care of the child then don't go hating him. You must decide, hate him for making his own choice or celebrate you child's birth.

  • Varies by situation.

    I believe men should be able to opt out in certain situations, if you both made the child willingly then it is both your responsibilities to raise the child emotionally, morally, and financially regardless if he lives with mom or dad. If a man was "tricked" into having a baby, he should not have to be responsible if he did not know or want a child that was forced upon him. I am a man and have full custody of my little boy, on my end, i do not collect child support from the mother, and if the state forced her to she would have no money left over to live because they take a considerable amount of money away from the parent without the chiuld even if they make next to nothing, and that only hurts the child in the end when hes at the other parents. Now, third situation, the child was an accident, the man should be able to give up all responsibilities if he so pleases, same as a mother would be able to do by putting the kid up for adoption or having an abortion. But the state should cover some of the costs the father would have contributed to the childs life. But the father will have no contact with the child because he gave that up by opting out. If you leave, you leave and have no further influence. Just my 2 cents

  • Same rights, same responsibilities.

    Men are treated as slaves by women and the state. Men shall have no roghts but all the burden, and women have all the rights and zero responsibility. This is highly unfair and in no way humane. Men need to refuse, refuse, refuse everything to their oppressors. After all : men build, invent, work, etc 99% of all that is essentially necessary in our world, tho women deny it. If men went on stike, these facts would instantly become undeiable. A lesson that women utterly need to learn, or they will never grow up.

  • As long as women are allowed to abort against the father, the father should be allowed to not support the child.

    Both of these situations carry the same weight. Both the father and mother created the life, therefore both have 50/50 responsibility. To give the Mother the option to abort against the father's will is to give the Mother 100% of the responsibility. Which means that 50/50 responsibility is not the case in the eye of the law. So why would the law only work in favor of the Mother? It would only be fair to work as much in the way of the father as well. I agree with the father having to support the child, but the only contingency is on that he may choose to keep the child alive and not aborted. Without that, I agree that a father should have the chance to not support the child.

  • If she can opt out then so can he

    While certainly not an ideal situation, if a woman has the power to choose to not have a child even though the father disapproves then he should have the same right not to have a child even if she disapproves. The system is currently tilted against men in these situations and not truly equal.

  • I agree with trustmelying.

    An abortion will not only affect the women's life. It will also affect the mans life. If he believes that his child was murdered he will have to live with that for the rest of his life. Men should have a say in their girl friends decision to have an abortion. An abortion will be something one will not ever forget. Many people regret abortions including men who agreed to have their girl friend abort their baby.

  • Suffering is not fair.

    There is a difference between the loss of a life when that individual does not know it because it is too young and the loss of a proper income due to a father's lack of respect for his child.
    I grew up with separated parents. I should not have to go without food and shelter because my father does not support me due to the lack of life some women give their children.
    The child will grow up for 18 years probably suffering and a mother's constant stress to finance the kid (as if doing it by herself is not hard enough).
    Let's say there is an animal shelter that houses a dog (like a mother carrying a baby in her womb).
    And someone found out that it was their dog that ran away not too long ago (the father in this situation).
    One day the animal shelter decides that they cannot support the dog and puts it down (like a mother going through with abortion).
    Then this man has lost his dog by the hand of someone else.
    Now let's say that because this happened, they made a law that if any person at any time do not want to support an animal, they have the right to drop it off in the middle of the city (a father deciding not to support his child).
    That dog will wander the streets and avoid dangers without shelter or food (a child without the support of its father).
    And a woman finds the dog and is only able to give it half the food it would eat and a few nights to stay inside her house (a single mother raising her child can only provide so much).

    Just because a woman decides to have an abortion, a man does not get the right to walk out of a child's life.
    Death is something I do not understand, but the unborn fetus will not suffer like the child growing up without a caring father.
    Even worse, the mother might be so stressed because she has to raise a child alone for 18 years.

    What kind of life would a child have without a supportive father?

  • No, that doesn't make it fair.

    If a woman (for what so ever reason) decided to have an abortion without informing the father of the child, it does not give men the right to refuse to take responsibility towards their children. I agree that it would not be fair towards a man if the woman did not inform him of her decision to have an abortion, but she might have had reasons why she felt it best not to tell the father of the child. What reason would any man have not to support his child, besides blaming woman for keeping an abortion from them? That’s not fair. There’s no fair reason for a man not to support his child, just as there is no fair reason for a woman not to inform the father of a child that she’s having an abortion and you cannot balance it out.

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