If a women hits a man, should a man be able to hit back? Ex. If a women slaps a man, the man slaps back

Asked by: shadowrealming
  • They should they’re a jerk if they do

    No one, man or female, should hit anybody. That’s assault. If a woman hits a man he has the right to hit her back. However, a man who does hit a woman back is a jerk. Men are physically stronger than women. Most of the time they don’t need to hit back to stop a woman from assaulting them. If they’re strong enough or capable enough to restrain a woman instead, then I see that as a better solution than hitting her back. A man hitting a woman does much more physical harm than a woman hitting a man. Although, emotional harm is a completely different subject that I won’t get into.

  • Yes they should be allowed to

    When ANYONE hits ANYONE it is assault. Hitting back at the person that just hit you is self defense. When a man hits a woman the woman should also be allowed to hit back. Your topic is a synonym to 'Should women be allowed to murder men without getting arrested'. I don't think anyone, both on yes and no, advocates murder.

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