If Aaron Hernandez is found not guilty, do you think he should be able to return to the NFL?

  • Yes, if Aaron Hernandez is found not guilty, there is no legal reason he should not be allowed to return to the NFL

    If Aaron Hernandez is found not guilty, on what grounds could he be prevented from pursuing a living? On the grounds that we all think he's guilty? That's not legally defensible. That said, the evidence would seem to indicate that if he is acquitted, it would be a huge miscarriage of justice. And while he may be allowed to return, will he find an owner willing to accept the public backlash that would ensue? I wouldn't.

  • Innocent Until Proven Guilty

    I agree that if he is found not guilty he should be entitled to his job back and possibly have a public apology. His pay should be returned for the days he didn't get to play as well. If he is innocent he should be treated normal with no grudges.

  • He Should not be Allowed to Return

    Even if Aaron Hernandez is found not guilty, it is still more likely than not that he committed murder. A not guilty verdict would mean that there was reasonable doubt. It would not mean that he was innocent. The prior indictment found probable cause that he committed a violent crime.

  • No return to the NFL

    No return to the NFL for him. This is because his reputation is so marred that he would bring down any team he worked for. If he is not guilty it would be best for him to work in another field or out of the limelight for at least a few years.

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