If abortion is made illegal, will women die in back alleys?

  • Evidence both from American history and world statistics indicates this is so.

    Worldwide, 95% of all abortions occur in nations where it is illegal. Well over 100,000 women a year die from these illegal procedures, due to infection, botched surgery, or toxic chemicals. Women in our own history did the same.
    It is naive to think that making abortion illegal will stop abortion. There will always be women who are desperate or poverty-stricken and will seek out abortion. And keeping the procedure safe and legal, with comprehensive sex education in schools so that it is RARE, is the best way to keep women safe.

  • I dont think so.

    Its not just the abortions that we should be worrying about. The fact is that the people that do these abortions are part of a black market and it is likely that the women will be acting in seceret and that no one will know where they are going. This means that they will fall prey to the hungers of the organ and human trade. Also, lets consider the sanitation issue. The ones that are conducting the abortions are going to know that there will be no one regulating them and so the cleaning of equipment and the quality of the care will be lacking. There was a ligitimate dentist not that long ago that gave his patients aids Through masks that werent clean. This was an oversight by someone that really cared about how thier busness was perceived. This means that someone who really doesnt have to care is likely to use less precationary measures to ensure the safety of thier patients. So yes death and contamination will be a problem and even venerial desease spread through the surgical instruments of those doing the abortions will be a problem. And to say that people will consider the consequences is to say that people will react rationally when they are afraid. People loose common sence when they weigh options in moments of fear. This person may be wieghing between contamination\death and disownment by thier parents and they may not be thinking straigth. They may be weighing between the perceived loss of ability to have a career due to being weighed down, by the responsibility of a child, and having an abortion. The fact is that abortion isnt a good thing but it happens and by making it illegal then two lives are at risk rather than just one. Its not an easy choice no matter how you look at it but the fact is that making it illegal wont kill the demand. Fortunately there is less advertisement of abortion in media. Its not a trend that makes people cool like drugs sometimes are and there is more fer heaped upon it than most illegal activities and so making it illegal will likely cut down on abortions but women will still die from back alley abortions and that isnt something that will go away by denying it.

  • No, but there will still be as many abortions.

    If abortion is made illegal, women will still seek and get abortions from doctors, it's just that a black market will develop for the service. You can't put the rabbit back in the hat, and now that abortion has been legal for so long, it would be impossible to stop it from happening, whether made illegal or not.

  • No, I doubt if women will die in back alleys.

    Just because abortion would be illegal does not mean women would start dying in back alleys. I am assuming the thought process there is that they may try to do the abortion themselves, but I think most women (maybe not all) would have enough common sense to realize that is extremely dangerous.

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