If afterlife exists but not necessarily the way religious people think of it, would you still "want" there to be a God?

Asked by: tommytom
  • Open minded - is good

    I first thought your opinion was meant to be derisive. I'm glad to see your just an open minded person considering the possibilities? Considering all the negativity and those trying to belittle or instigate so often here it's nice to see. Cheers to you. As a happily married man with kids whom I love and a job I find meaningful and fulfilling and the knowledge of God's presence I am quite hopeful that afterlife will look not too different than life as is, just with more glory . I think about good and evil a lot. An atheist can argue quite reasonably in a way that if god is omnipresent and all good then how can he be present concurrently with evil? To be honest, I'm not entirely sure. But I feel more and more that for those who have faith that evil and suffering can be turned to good, or rather good can be born from it. Good always wins out in the end, and is better due to the conflict.

  • I would want there to be "a" God.

    Yeah, I would, but I would not like Him to have human-like characteristics necessarily. That would mean that God has a balance of evil and good, which I believe every human and living being does. Regardless of Him being our Creator, I would much prefer it if He wasn't necessarily like us. Either way, though, I would not mind I guess. The truth is the truth. (I don't mean for this to be taken the wrong way or offensively.).

  • This is a weird question.

    I dont see how a different afterlife changes the kind of god we are dealing with. There could be an afterlife and no god, there could be a god and no afterlife. Assuming the god is still the same just a different afterlife I still would not want this eternal supervisor around.

    Posted by: hect

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Stefy says2015-04-26T15:59:08.867
Which religion? Many religions think of the afterlife very very differently.
evangambit says2015-04-28T07:27:40.890
What would an afterlife without a God be like? Which God are we referring to? What power/influence does he exert in the afterlife? There seem to be too many variables for me to answer this question in a way that is satisfying.