If Airmax were to ban you would you still see him as a good man?

Asked by: Adam2
  • His motives are different from Glazer

    Airmax believes in upholding the law, so if he were to ban me, I wouldn't take it personally. It could be because I got out of line and said something that was not to be said here. However, Airmax and me would still be friends anyhow. If he were to ban me, I know his motive isn't messed up like Sodahead who's a corny little favoritist punk.

  • Yes, as the rules exist for a reason.

    When you get banned you broke the rules. You can cry like a child, or you can own up and accept that you did something wrong like an adult. Too often people complain when things do not go their way, yet they know that they have broken rules. If you want freedom to say anything at anytime, go make your own website and pay the hosting fees. Even then your provider may get rid of you if you are spouting hate etc.

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TheBathead says2014-05-21T00:58:02.273
Are these people on debate.Org?