If alien life was discovered would it disprove a god?

Asked by: Bagelmaster10
  • Ofcourse it would

    There is a lot of talk about aliens creating life, if we met aliens, they could tell us that they created us, it would also prove we have so muchin common, they look diffrent, but still, look at all the features aliens have that we have, they are just our ancestors, but they where the first ones, but they moved underwater.

  • Yes, but which God?

    The poll simply asks whether it "would disprove a god".
    Which God are we talking about here? There are quite a few known to the human race. A lot of people state that Aliens created us, if they came back and could prove they did, that would disprove a few Gods.
    If we are talking alien life such as mold on a distant planet, who knows maybe, maybe not.

  • Well, not exactly.

    It wouldn't really disprove a god but it wouldn't prove its existence either. Although it would raise the question why there is no mention of another civilisation in any serious holy text.
    However if aliens did arrive with news of a god that already exists here on Earth then that would be a huge bonus for that religion. For instance if they arrive telling us that they were created by Allah and they were practicing muslims, then that would be huge plus for people trying to prove to us that Allah is real and that the Muslims had it right all along.

  • Not in the slightest.

    Not at all, if they were more advanced than us and they believed in a Creator God of the Universe that would certainly give Deism more sway. Nowhere in the Bible does it say God didn't create life elsewhere, it would also be interesting if they were moral creatures as well, and had guidelines similar to ours.

  • One does not disprove the other

    The way I see it, finding life on another planet might refute traditional views of God, but not God entirely. Extraterrestrial life might even endorse the existence of a divine power; if God created life on Earth, He is capable of creating life elsewhere. Not that I take the Bible seriously, but there is nothing in there about Earth being the only life-bearing planet.

  • It wouldn't disprove anything

    I'll admit that my knowledge of Biblical scripture isn't the strongest, but I don't believe that there is any mention of aliens. So if there are aliens I fail to see how it would disprove the existence of God. On a side note, I'll say that (from a Christian point of view) if it was God's will for us to meet any aliens that might exist, we probably would have by now.

  • No alien life wound not disprove god

    I'm not argue there is a god but from an argument position alien life would not be evidence to disprove a diety. It may disprove a certain type of diety but it does not disprove the concept. Nor does alien life prove there is a god. The discovery of alien life would not prove or disprove a diety simply comment of the qualities of the diety of it did exist.

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