• We survive by being ignorant

    If Aliens really did exist, why should we 'have the right' to know about it? We as human beings are only a spec in the universe, the smallest of small, if we exist, what is to say that they don't? Also, we evolve over time, they may also, they may have technology way superior to that of our own, they may have the power to completely take over our planet, where did the movie "war of the worlds" get their movie idea from? In my personal opinion, aliens are out there, but we survive by living in ignorance, if we knew everything all of the time we would probably be nervous wrecks, having trouble living day by day, unwilling to leave the house, go outside at night etc, its just the way we are as human beings, we've lived in ignorance this long, and its proved effective.

  • It would turn into an experiment.

    If aliens exist and made themselves known, the government would stop at nothing to turn the entire thing into a science experiment and say it would be for the greater good. They would claim it to be okay in the name of science and knowledge. I could imagine this turning into another war, except one that would not have a good ending for humans, as if there are aliens, who knows their intellectual levels and how much more knowledgeable they could be.

  • Yes, we are terrible at first contact.

    If our own history can give us any indication on our first contact with aliens, we can count on a lot of violence. As humans, we enjoy a state of stability and crave absolute understanding of things that we do not understand. However, if the thing we encounter is befuddling or potentially dangerous to our way of life, then we are instantly thrown into violent encounters. We are simply too territorial and ignorant of our surroundings to accept any alien presence without signaling the entirety of the human race.

  • We Have to Know

    We are always better off knowing. I rather know a terrible truth than to be ignorant or in the dark about anything. If aliens do exist the government should tell us about them (if they know). I suspect that they do. In Wikileaks the mayor of Bishkek(or was it Dushanbe?) said "we know life exists on other planets." Really we KNOW this already? Time to tell the public. And time to open international trade and immigration. Get me off of this rock!

  • Absolutely the human race should know

    When we discover anything new or old, the whole human race has the right to know, otherwise why should we bother to look? We as humans are inquisitive; If E.T. life is discovered it should be made public knowledge. If high up government officials or anyone for that matter hides or covers up the fact that E.T. exist, should be publicly flogged and put in prison. We the public, you know? The ones that fund exploration and research looking for E.T. life, have the right to know. NASA has been accused of knowing about E.T. life forms, their computers were supposedly hacked, revealing information along these lines. If so, NASA needs to be in court for concealing information gathered with tax money. Tax payers pay for that research why would it ever be kept from the ones that funded the research and explorations? Sooner or later the truth will come out regardless, so let’s deal with this issue now! I think it would be one of the most exciting things the human race will ever experience. I have a worse fear of being the only life bearing solar system in the universe, than I do of not being the only one!

  • We Should Know if We Have Company

    How could anyone think that we would be better off not knowing if there was other life out there in the universe? Almost senseless just in it’s context. If “aliens” (as the topic poses they are), were a part of our world, and they were hostile, wouldn’t it at least be in our best interest to have the knowledge they were out there, as opposed to being suspect to a surprise attack? Even of more support for knowing, would be if they were not hostile towards our species of life here in the universe. Imagine what we might be able to learn from other life forms, or teach them, although I certainly believe the learning curve would be tilted in their direction. But who actually knows? To think that there would be alien life forms co-existing with us is something scientists have aggressively tried to answer for centuries. To not want to know would seem so against everything we stand for intellectually as human beings.

  • what if we have a world wide invasion?

    People wouldn't know, we would just figure it is terrorists or some sort of military practice. if we did know we would be prepared and capable of fighting back. Aliens of all things to the people is a giant fear, if anyone encounters any extraterrestrial life they would see it as a threat. Although if we knew about some aliens being friendly we would not consider them hostile and they wont see that in us.

  • Ignoring this subject is not going to bring you peace

    The truth is so evasive on this subject, you have two extremes, one side are the mocker's the bullies who don't want to know about anything that isn't related to sex, sports or money, the other side who is to eager to believe and embrace the existence of helpful and benign beings, and then there is no accepted creditable scientific research on this, and if there is any serious study done, the results have not been made public, and what we find is information presented on YouTube and other forums but none of these have represented official US government authorization. So we have a fascinating subject and millions upon millions who have witnessed these things, but the scoffers, bullies, simple minded and scared power group have no public interest in doing anything for understanding and preparing an appropriate response and plan of action on how we can prepare for the first time it becomes a visible reality that we are not alone and others are making a claim to have ownership of this earth and its skies, lakes and oceans.

  • War may be to come

    Think of it aliens might be very high tech and we might lose all life and be gone for ever so we better get ready for an invasion of at least fid them first.Because who knows they may think we are tasty and good a their toast with jam but yet agian who knows

  • We'd be stupid to think we are the only ones

    All the different life forms on Earth, all the different species of animals, insects, and fish. They all started somewhere, if we did not know a thing about them, we would say they were aliens, or not of this world. Humans are considered the most intelligent on this "Planet". Look at the universe, it's huge! We know very little about it, to say aliens don't exist, well that would be human fault, we know better! All the animals, fish, and insects dead, extinct, alive are all proof that, guess what they live in their own world, our world would be like their universe.

    Posted by: A41
  • Peoples right to knowledge.

    As living intelligent beings we have an inherit duty, and right to understand all things that concern existence on our planet. Given alien existence to be known truth, keeping the knowledge withheld to the general public is amoral. Withholding knowledge of other intellectual beings is a violation of human rights.

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