If Aliens Exist Could God Have Created Them To ( I Belive In Guided Evolution)

  • God created everything, so yes but....

    Aliens as we know them do not exist. What we see as Aliens are actually fallen angels that are preparing the world for the return of Christ Jesus (not in a good way). When he returns, all those who have accepted him will be taken up in a flash leaving the worlds governments to explain what happened to millions maybe billions of people. They will say that it was aliens and we as humanity need to unite to fight back. God will begin pouring out his wrath on the planet, the anti-Christ will rise to power with his dragon and demand that all humans take a genetic "upgrade" that will ward off disease and insure that no aliens are hiding among us. He will bring peace but demand the world worships him. He will turn the united world against Israel (cause everyone who likes them will already be taken up) and Jesus will come to protect his people, slaughtering the united army and establishing his kingdom.

    Aliens do exist, just not as they make themselves out to be,

  • Very Closed Minded

    The Universe Is Infinite Why Would God Restrict Creation To Our Little Corner Of The Galaxy.
    God Created Man For Companionship Is It Really All Out Their .
    How Can WE Be So Narrow Minded To Think That The Earth Is The Only Place In The Galaxy Nay The Universe Where Life Flourishes

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