If all religion is false, would you want the world to be religionless?

Asked by: Aaige05
  • Yes, if no God

    Without a belief in a god, a religion has no meaning and would serve no beneficial purpose to mankind or the world we live in. What would be the purpose? If all were false there would be no God to worship, love, obey, or learn from. So yes, I would prefer it to be "religionless" if there were no God. But, it would also be a very dark world, one that I would not want to live in. This probably isn't what the questioner had in mind but my answers is Yes, if and only if.

  • Yes yes and yes!!!!!!!!!

    Religion has poisoned EVERYTHING!!!!! No wonder there is sexism, homophobia, etc! People just read a stupid book to justify their hatred and how to live their life! People need to WAKE THE F---K UP!!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!!! THERE IS NO HEAVEN AND HELL!!!!!!!! THERE IS ONLY EARTH AND SKY!!!!!! THERE IS ONLY SCIENCE!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO CREATION!!!!!!!! ATHEISM IS THE ABSOLUTE ANSWER!!!!! STOP ACTING LIKE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I, as an individual, would want this.

    The question is worded "If all religion is false, would you (AKA me, the reader) want the world to be religion-less?"

    My personal answer to this question is yes. I believe religion CAN preach false morals, CAN cause people to do wrong, unjust, and sometimes horribly brutal things based on their faith and values, but this is MY personal answer. This question has no right or wrong answer because it is an opinionated topic and the answer is based on the reader's own experiences, but I would prefer that the world remain a religion-less place.

    Believe in something that's proven, something that's tangible, visible. Faith is good at times, but not good enough to build your life around.

  • Religion has destroyed the world!!

    There is no need for religion. It causes nothing but harm, unhappiness, murder, torture and fear. If religion was used to comfort people without any form of control, torture or murder it would not be then as bad.

    It costs the world a lot of money as well. It would be more peaceful world without it, without no threats of eternal torture, which hell in Islam and Christianity is absolutely wrong.

  • Religion can't be proven wrong

    I think that religions are often thought of as an end all things that is always correct except the few parts of it that can be proven wrong. Even then, some people might still favor religion. I think no one should have 100% faith that something cannot be wrong. There are some things that I think are irrational but are kept alive by religion and if all religions are false it nulls those arguments. Also I am doubtful how much it really helps people's morals and even it is significant it still brings so much conflict.

  • Religion is a metaphor that worked before modern science.

    Imo, it was a simple way of understanding how the world was made, before science had exploded. The bible and stuff, yeah, I think it's a metaphor, because if you take the bible literally then there are so many inconsistencies. Today, questions of science are being answered. But because of religion, people are rejecting actual evidence and believing in either a metaphor or an impossible creation of the world with no logic backing it up.

  • Religions don't know Reality

    There is only one Truth, one Reality.
    This unique Truth is not described in the Religions.
    Only Spirituality knows this Truth!
    Spirituality is as old as humanity and existed before Religions.
    Nowadays, Spirituality has been enriched by the discoveries made by the Hypnotherapists specialized in Out-of-Body Life, the Astral Travelers, the NDE Experiencers, the Ghost Hunters, the Mediums and Channels and the Specialists of the Beyond (like me).
    None Holy Book, none Prophet in any Religion in the World has never explained in detail what there is truly behind the Veil of Death!
    Courageous and intelligent researchers sought answers to our questions and they found them !!!

  • Religion is the root of most suffering.

    As John Lennon once said, imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try. While religion has been responsible for much inspiration in this world, it's also been responsible for most of its wars and death as well, not to mention its current obsession with anti-gay prejudice. I would certainly want the world to be religionless, if possible. People would still be kind to each other, and bigots would have one less thing to justify their hatred.

  • Morals and values

    Even if all religions were the result of a mischievous author wanting to cause discourse for millennia, it does teach valuable lesson. I have no religion yet I can see the reason why they exist. Christianity teaches us to treat everyone like you want to be treated. To not kill without reason. To not steal. Does religion cause strife? Of course. Should religion be done away with? No, of course not.

  • It can teach people valuable lessons.

    Even if there were no legitimate religions, I still think people should have at least SOME system to live from. Look at ancient Greece. They're mythology was false, nonsense to us today, but to them, it was normal. It was a part of life. It helped them understand things when they had no was of proving them scientifically. While some stories didn't explain things in nature, they taught good lessons. For instance: Orpheus. He was a hero, braving the depths of Hades to rescue someone he loved. But he still failed. Wanna know why? Hades told him he could keep his wife, but he must not look at her until they left the underworld. Yet he did, and he was to be without his wife until he died.
    Moral of the story? If someone tells you to do something, DO IT! (or not, depending on the circumstances

  • It isn't just a belief system

    Frequently throughout religious systems, you see these religions doing extraordinary things, feeding poor people, helping people in a rough spot, doing good things. Even when bad is done, I.E. The Crusades, the benefits from that were largely positive, as it resulted in Western Europe absorbing a large amount of superior Islamic culture.

  • It isn't a matter of what may or may not be false.

    People still deserve to have a religious choice. What a person believes, by faith, is their own personal journey. They deserve the right to have it, if they want to. I know there are cults and phony religions, but that doesn't mean that all religions are false. It doesn't make one better than the other. Eliminating religion would not solve the world's problems. It would merely create a new set of problems. The latter, alone, could be far worse than an individual having any religion.

  • No, it gives certain qualities to people that make the world better.

    Many religions uplift society by teaching humans such qualities as hopefulness, reluctance to kill, fear of sinning, helpfulness, etc. Even if religion is false, and scientific experiments' data completely collides with all religious evidence, religion gives people hope who are without it, and this thoughtless and reasonless hope can keep people alive to live another day.

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