If America withdrew their troops from Iraq, would they be shirking their duty to the Iraqi people?

  • America cannot withdraw the troops from Iraq because they would leave a mess for the Iraqi people.

    It is vital that American troops continue to show a presence in Iraq. They are currently helping the Iraqi people to start their new government and if they leave violence will escalate immediately. The troops need to be there to give a sense of security until the country of Iraq is running smoothly.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • No, because, while I do think that we should help them put things back together, all we are doing is being in their personal space making things difficult, and causing them to dislike us more.

    Many Americans dislike Iraq because they believe them all to be terrorists, when we were the ones who invaded their country and tried to force them to do things our way. Why would they want a bunch of people to whom they have showed only contempt for prolonging their stay?

    Posted by: CBrenna
  • American troops should not withdraw from Iraq as I feel it will leave the Iraqi people more vulnerable.

    Although I do not like the idea of our troops being in harms way, I also know they are there for the right reasons. Our troops need to stay in Iraq until the country is able to function honestly and for the people. If we should withdraw I believe the Iraqi people will become victims of horrible violence again and we can't have that. We have to help Iraq become a thriving country as it also helps us in the future to have an friend in that region.

    Posted by: EantDirty
  • If we abandon the Iraqi people at this point, our job would not be finished there and they would still have the problems that we wanted to resolve.

    The Iraqi people need us to stay and finish the job we set out to do. We would be letting them down and letting ourselves down to pull out before the job is finished. The citizens there deserve the help we want to provide them. Our soldiers deserve the right to finish what they started there.

    Posted by: babydoll93
  • I believe it would be a great tragedy and a big let down for the Iraqi people if the US was to prematurely withdraw from Iraq.

    I believe it would be a great tragedy and a big let down for the Iraqi people if the US was to withdraw prematurely from Iraq. The biggest tragedy would be the return of violence and the loss of freedom and safety that has been gained through the military action that we have participated in. It is our responsibility to stay until long term peace and safety has been achieved for all of the citizens of Iraq.

    Posted by: TasticBran
  • There is no solution to the struggle of building a democratic society short of indefinite occupation.

    The American military presence in Iraq has reached a point where it can, and should, exit. It is impossible to eradicate every instance of violence or crime, just as it would be impossible for the military to create a perfectly lawful society at home. However, the sovereign Iraqi government seems capable of stabilizing its own society without a direct American military presence.

    Posted by: LivingJimmy
  • America's duties lie first and foremost with its own citizens and the safety of them, troops included.

    America often meddles in the politics and problems of other countries, and then finds themselves being a bully or brute when they demand change or finally pull out of the issue. I believe that the major reason we were even there was because we wanted permission to hunt the terrorists that were responsible for 911 in their countries. We gained this permission by promising aid, and permission was granted. Leaving is long overdue. I feel for the people, but I also feel for our troops and their families, and believe it is time they come home. Iraq has been set up to accept its duties to its citizens, as America promised them they would do.

    Posted by: Ment0n3
  • America wouldn't be abandoning their duty to the Iraqi people if they withdrew their troops because there has been plenty of time and energy devoted to the Iraqi democratic cause already.

    Much time and energy has been devoted by America to creating a democracy in Iraq. If Iraq isn't stabilized by now, then it needs to be their problem and not America's problem. Sadaam Hussein has been gone for awhile now, and it is imperative for Iraq to either function properly, or we can go to war with them if needed but not offering to hold their hand daily.

    Posted by: ToyMatt
  • America is an occupying power and should leave.

    America unlawfully invaded Iraq on trumped-up charges and faulty reasoning. Since then, the country has been put through a lot of turmoil. Even those opposing the war have thought America should stay and fix the mess it made in Iraq. However, once stability has come, all forces need to be withdrawn. Troops should not be there indefinitely.

    Posted by: MarriedRudy
  • I don't feel we have a duty to the Iraqi people because, instead, I feel our duty is to our people.

    Everything I hear in the news says they don't want us there anyway. I don't think our focus needs to be on them. If we stay, I think it needs to be to protect the interests of the people in our own country. Our national debt is too high to keep paying soldiers to protect people that don't want us there.

    Posted by: MeatyMario87
  • No, because it's time that the Iraq people learned to stand up for themselves.

    The Iraqi people need to learn how to govern with a democratic government by trial and error. We can help them to give them the knowledge, but I feel they need to learn by trial and error. The only way to fix anything is to find fault in them first. And, if we keep holding their hand, then basically they are not learning, but following our standards and not their own.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • If America withdrew its troops from Iraq, the Iraqi people would be much better off.

    Since America invaded Iraq, the lives of most Iraqis have changed very much for the worse. Over a million civilians have died. Civilians are in constant danger from military action. Food, medical, and energy supplies are often scarce. Most of the middle class has fled the country. If the war were to cease, many citizens would return, and the country would slowly return to normalcy.

    Posted by: R0xHart
  • I don't think that the troops would be running from the duties to the Iraqi people because the troops shouldn't be in Iraq in the first place.

    I think it would be better if the troops withdrew from Iraq; they really shouldn't be there in the first place. By withdrawing they wouldn't be avoiding their duties because they're not doing anything but patrolling over there, from what I know. I feel as if America should bring the troops back and stop getting in other countries business if it has nothing to do with us and it's not affecting us. There is no reason we should be over in Iraq right now and the troops need to come home.

    Posted by: labooboo93
  • America withdrawing their troops from Iraq is not shirking their duty to the Iraqi people because we have been over there for many years.

    America withdrawing their troops from Iraq is not shirking their duty to the Iraqi people because we have been over there for many years. If U.S. troops have not done what they set out to do in the eight years we have been at war, then we must move on. They cannot be expected to stay over there indefinitely. There has to be a point where somebody at the top says enough is enough. In fact, we stayed over there longer than we should have.

    Posted by: JeffP4ri5
  • I oppose America's presence in Iraq, so withdrawing is the right decision.

    I feel that America does not have a responsibility to the Iraqi people. We should not have invaded in the first place, so I strongly believe we should withdraw our forces and stop the bloodshed of our men and women in the armed forces. Our "duty" is to our own soldiers first.

    Posted by: NorN45c4r

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