If an AI had the same intelligence as humans, Should it be given human rights?

Asked by: chungusfanatic79
  • If they could think the exact same, Yes

    If we uploaded a human brain into a computer then it should still have human rights I believe. I don't think that human-style advanced AI should be treated as property but rather their own entity like humans. Especially if the AI was in a robot that could walk around or feel emotions/pain then we should let them live free just like us. We should use a dumbed down AI for technology and products, But for an exact human replica of intelligence they should be treated as people

  • They are programmed by humans, They cannot think for themselves

    AI is meant to assist humans, Not become them. If AI were to be programmed to be human, It would simply follow its order and be a stereotypical human. An AI human isn’t made to think for itself, It won’t have the same creative thought as humans. AI would not have actual emotion, It wouldn’t care wether it had rights or not, It would just be programmed for humans to think it does.

  • No because then you could not kill it or make it work for you.

    Artificial AI has to work for humans. It cannot one day want to live like a human and demand money and demand a day off work. It has to work forever.

    An AI that was once a human might have rights as a human, But it would be too dangerous to let it do what it wants.
    What if it wanted to give itself a body and copied itself many times over. There needs to be restrictions on human AI because they are capable of becoming evil. It is like that movie Transcendence.
    The man who became an AI and went crazy with power and they had to kill him because he infected everything.

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