If an uninsured asthmatic needs oxygen to breath, should programs like Medicaid or Medicare pay for that service, even if they still smoke?

  • Yes, I think programs like Medicare or Medicaid should pay for someones oxygen even if they still smoke.

    I believe if the person is eligible for the programs and the programs cover oxygen in this case then I believe they should cover the cost even if the person still smokes, that persons tax dollars went to the same program that he is now drawing funds from and while I think he should be discouraged from smoking I don't think he should be ineligible just because he does still smoke.

  • Yes, they should.

    Yes, Medicaid or Medicare should still pay for the oxygen of a smoker if they need it to breathe. To say otherwise would be pretty heartless. It would not be a very good fate. The smoker is causing tax payers money, but to withhold oxygen would be cruel. They should get therapy and assistance to quit smoking.

  • Yes, Pay for their Oxygen

    Yes, of course pay for their oxygen. They'll quit. People do stupid things all the time that end up costing taxpayers money, we do not decide we are God and start withholding treatment. Road rage, alcoholism. If an alcoholic becomes diabetic, eventually has to stop working because of it, loses their health insurance and ends up on Medicaid or Medicare but continues to drink alcohol, how are we going to get all self-righteous and withhold diabetes treatments? I've never heard that suggested.

  • Yes they should.

    Yes, they should still pay even if they still smoke. Our Government is the one who allows Cigarette companies to keep putting in harmful chemicals into the cigarettes. It is all about trickle down economics. See if we are all healthy guess who doesn't make any money the government. So they allow the companies to do this so that they can get money for their experiments on cancer and such. It is a vicious cycle that most people don't really understand or see. Big Pharma gets to "supposedly heal you with cancer" which means if there are no cigarettes causing cancer guess what Politicians don't get any money for it honestly. Big Tobacco gets a kick back for making us sick, Big Pharma gets a nice Kickback wad of cash for trying to heal us, The doctors then get a huge part of the pie if they prescribe the medication the doctors aka drug whores. They will prescribe you whatever to get that cash money back.

  • We can keep our own heads on straight.

    While I appreciate the fact that programs such as Medicaid and Medicare are in place to help individuals who cannot otherwise, to pay for medical and health services, I also believe that we are responsible for the choices we make. If someone is aware of a problem that they have that can complicate their health to the point that this example describes, they should stop giving in to this problem and opt for healthier options. On the same token, I believe that if an individual has a problem that can complicate their health and they have tried to stop and find themselves unable to, these programs should pay for the individual to be able to take the necessary steps to get better and to stop giving in to this problem. In the end, while these programs are there to help, individual responsibility is also important. Otherwise we are leaving the doors open for the government to take more and more control over our lives and this is something that American society is diametrically opposed to.

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