If another person is in need, are we morally obligated to give them help?

  • Yes We Must!

    We have not been created on this world just to sit around. We were probably created to help each other and to live life at its fullest. To be honest, I want to say kindness probably helps everyone because of its definition which is- the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. (Thank you Google)

  • Our Duty To Each Other

    Yes, if another person is in need, we are morally obligated to give them help. It all comes down to one basic fact – we are all God’s children and each of us is no better than another. When one of us is in need, it is our moral duty to reach out and help that person regardless of the circumstances. This is why God blesses some people with extreme wealth, so they are able to help more people in need. If we truly took care of one another as we should, there would be no needy, no homeless, no uninsured, and no hungry.

  • Yes, if we can give help we have a moral obligation to do so.

    As the saying goes, we are our brother's keeper, and as such if we can possibly help them we should do so in whatever way we can. There's no excuse not to help if we can do it. So yeah I think if someone is in need and we can help them out, we do have some obligation to do that, as one human being to another.

  • Individuals have a moral obligation to assist people in need.

    Yes, If another person is in need, are we morally obligated to give them help.Positive moral rights are another thing altogether. These would be rights that the other has to call on us to do something for the other, not to leave the other alone. These might include such things as claiming one has a moral right to food if hungry, or medical care, education and even help to receive and have fulfilled less acute desires for goods or services.

  • Yes, I Believe We are Morally Obligated to Help Those in Need

    I believe the basis of demonstrating morality and being a moral country is helping those who are less fortunate. This is done within the US through charity, the church, social services, and just lending someone a helping hand. We are our brother's keepers. This does not mean that we should be reliant as a people for our personal welfare on the Government or others, but should reach out and offer aid to those who can't help themselves.

  • If another human being is in need it's everyone else's responsibility to help them.

    Humans have not been alive all these years because they work alone. We're a species that relies on one another in time of need. If you are given the opportunity to help someone in need you should feel obligated to.

  • We have no right

    We only help each other and we shouldn't get into other people's business so we should jus deal with our own. We also don't have the right to break someones freedom of security by getting into their own business. I we had to help anyone, it should be someone that we know and we understand what is going on

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