If Arabs put down their weapons there will be peace in the Middle East. Jews put down their weapons there will be no Israel.

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  • So Terribly True

    The fact is that the Arab nations surrouding Israel will not stop with their attacks against the Jewish state until they have been erradicated. The Iranian Constitution states that they will not stop until the Big Satan (The US) and the Little Satan (Israel) have been wiped off the face of the Earth. Ladies and Gents, we can't unarm Israel.

  • I support the killing of Palestinians

    Theres no such thing as a good war. Israel must kill as many Palestinians as they can because if they don't they are more likely to be killed themselves. Self survival overrides any Idea that war is just or even proportionate in the slaughter of the "Innocent". The body count is a BBC sideshow.

  • I'm on Israel's side.

    Ever since Jews came to Palestine after WWII Arabs have been breathing down their necks. Jews has always wanted peace, they've wanted peace ever since 1948 when UN voted to give land both assigned to Jews & Palestinians. It was the Palestinians who attacked and rejected the offer for peace. Behind this there is a huge misconception. There's no such thing as Palestinians. They're just Arabs. The Palestinian name is simply a political strategical excuse to continue fighting Israel. However, this is a huge story so I won't get into it too much.

    When Egypt controlled Gaza and Jordan controlled the West Bank they hardly helped anyone living in those territories. After Israel conquered these territories after the Six Days War (incl. Golan Heights and Sinai Peninsula) Western countries pumped so much money to the Arabs living in these territories but due to corruption almost all of it only went to politicians, including Yasser Arafat whose priority was to only make a Palestinian state.

    Israel is and has always been the Jews own land. The first to live there who identified themselves were called Israelites. This was before the time they were slaves in Egypt btw. So it would only make sense that it's their country. People call the West imperialistic? What the hell are the Arabs and Muslims then? Their political interest is the Caliphate which can only be fulfilled if Israel is their land again...

  • Not to say Israel never does anything wrong but...

    For everything it does wrong it couldn't justify anything if all of the violence stopped. Unfortunately any Palestinian who feels this way also knows he'll never get every other Palestinian to agree with him.

    If they were all completely peaceful Palestine would already have its own country. People respect nonviolent civil disobedience. If the Palestinians fought for their freedom by sitting peacefully in the streets and handing flowers to the police they'd have a country by now.

    More realistically the Palestinian people could get in a government that forbids all terrorist activities and cooperates with Israel in apprehending terrorist suspects. If they did that and Israel kept retaliating anytime terrorists unaffiliated with the Palestinian government did things then it would receive universal condemnation and likely economic sanctions.

    Getting all Palestinians to stop the violence may not be in the cards for the near future but getting the Palestinian government to disavow any attacks on Israel and cooperate at putting a stop to it could happen.

  • Not just a hypothetical case.

    This case has been proven in the last few weeks. In a cease fire Israel put down their weapons and Hamas fired and killed 3 soldiers. This has been proven time and time again. If the Arabs put down their weapons there will be peace and probably even a bigger Palestinian state.

  • It's simple to explain, but hard to solve

    One of the chief arguments is that Israel started all this mess. But the fact of the matter is that post-WW2, the Jews needed somewhere to live where they'd be free of persecution. So, the United Nations determined that place would be in the land once called Canaan, where the Jews had historical and spiritual ties. But, so too did Arabs have ties to the location, so the UN split the land of the British Mandate for Palestine into two nations, one Arab state and one Jewish state, each one constituting close to 50% of the area.

    How did it start? It started in 1948 when all the surrounding Arab states attacked the little Jewish state. The reason? One of the typical ideologies of Muslim practitioners in the Middle East is disdain for other religions and ethnicity, and these radical leaders were determined to finish the job that the Nazis started.

    Ever since then, the majority of violence in the former land of Canaan has been started by the Arabs. Some notable examples are the Six-Day War in 1967 and Operation Protective Edge happening now in 2014. In both conflicts, the Arabs started by respectively invading Israel and kidnapping/murdering their children as well as launching dozens of rockets at civilian centers.

    While the death of innocents on both side are saddening and appalling, the blame is to be laid upon the Anti-Semitic Arabs and the Extremist Islamists. This is no issue to be politicized, it is only a matter of fact.

  • Israel is the occupying force, Palestine is the occupied side. The only thing that hasn't been tried yet: Israel leaves Palestinians alone!

    The fact is that Israel has been and is the occupying force in this situation, it's been like this since the war in the 60s. The only thing that hasn't even been attempted yet if for them to leave Palestinian land- and I DON'T MEAN HISTORICALLY! I mean the land that is part of Palestine today, 60% of Palestinian land is currently illegally(according to the UN) occupied by Israeli settlements. Considering what the Palestine government has pledged(not Hamas, their peaceful sections) is that if Israel leaves them alone and returns control of their natural resources (fresh water, agriculture and natural gas) Hamas will lose all the support it currently has.
    I have no affiliation to either side, nor do I mind either of them, however the fact is that in this case Israel is the side unwilling to listen to reason.
    Here are the fact behind the occupation:
    this is a decent abbreviation of the history behind it:

  • Israel created this mess, they could have fixed it.

    So long as this fear-based nonsense continues to propagate in the minds of the western world's citizens, it will hold true.

    Israel has been at war with the middle east for decades. It is this lingering cultural aversion which perpetuates the cycle of violence.

    If Israel dropped their weapons and allowed for a two-state solution 15 years ago, you can be sure they would be fine.

    However, their greed and hatred for Muslims was too much. Their intolerance created more intolerance.

    One must live by example. If you can't hold yourself to your own moral standard, you can't hold others to it.

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Dr_Obvious says2014-08-05T20:56:33.700
I believe this is what they call a no brainer. Israel is fighting for it's very existence.
iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-08-06T08:36:44.883
I think its way more complex than that. Just as terrorists still attack the US for meddling in the past, so Israel will get attacked for its sins in the West Bank and Gaza. Sad but true. The only solution is for everyone to put down their weapons.