If Atheists are offended by religious displays, does that give them the right to display in a manner offensive to theists?

Asked by: Juris_Naturalis
  • Theists seem to think even the mention of atheism in public is offensive.

    So many theists think that it is perfectly acceptable for them to put up billboards advertising their religion, but it is completely unacceptable to put up a billboard stating "There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."
    These same theists fight to have their nativity scenes and "Ten Commandments" monuments on public property, yet throw a fit if an atheist or humanist message is posted alongside as per Constitutional regulations.

    Many of the recent displays by atheist organizations were made PURPOSEFULLY to point out the hypocrisy- to show theists that if they find the reverse of their statements offensive, they shouldn't be doing theirs either.

  • If theists are offended by atheistic displays, does that give them the right to display in a manner offensive to atheists?

    Reversing your question sort of destroys your arguments, doesn't it? Using your very own logic, whereby posting offensive ads makes one side hypocritical, we can say that based off the fact that I'm much more likely to see some sort of religious ad than I am an atheist one (actually I'm quite certain that I've never seen an actual atheist ad, outside of google images of them, in my entire life) I would have to say that those who are religious are more hypocritical than atheists.

  • They totally do!

    Okay so I support this for two main reasons...
    1. The whole constitutionality way of looking at this arugement. Okay so the country was founded on the idea of freedom of religion and speech. But somehow when someone brings up that they are athiest everyone doesn't accept that. That creates a seperation between religions or in this case nonreligions which can in the future lead to bad things.
    2. No where is there posters and such about a sertain religion therefote athiests aren't going to do the same. They simply want to display their "religion". As the resolution states. If we are entitled to the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech then we are allowed to show ones religion. The religious people physically or mentally cannot get mad at this because they are also entitled to this right. Of course this is about what happens in the usa for other countrys because laws and rights are different it may change because remember noy all countrys are free and are entitled to the rights of religion and speech.

  • I am not an Atheist but I think they should be allowed to

    The constitution says they can. I am agnostic, and it concerns me when many religious organisations approach me to join their church. I don't understand it, if you are religious I support that, and you should be happy! Stop trying to force religion upon people and get on with your own matters. I will believe whatever I believe, I cannot help it, neither should you. I don't agree with any posters for any religious organisations, but being angry at Atheists will solve nothing. Either take down all posters or let anyone say what they feel is right. One is Fascism and the other is democracy and freedom of speech/expression.

  • Yes it does

    Atheists as well as any other religious groups should have the right to express their points of view without having to worry about offending anyone because if the religion that the Atheists are offending was a true religion, it would not have anything to be offended about unless the Atheist's offense holds water.

  • As an ex-religious person.

    Religion encourages all sorts of psychological issues. Repression of thoughts and emotions cause incredible amounts of damage. When they do, the religious person is taught to keep at it because it's the will of god. It's truly a sick thing.

    I can understand the mindset of a religious person as I used to be one. I understand the entire process of religious life and conviction. When I gave it up, within seconds, I found myself thinking and saying all sorts of angry things about "God" and my then former faith. I was stunned. It occurred to me that these were all the thoughts I was actively working to suppress.

    Religion is unhealthy and should be stamped out.

  • I do not think that most Atheists are offended by religious displays. The real issue is that we don't want your religion in our government.

    Personally, I have no problems with religious displays as long as they're not displayed in the public sector. If it was paid for with tax money, then it can not support any stance on religion, whether it be belief or non-belief. Our government takes no stance on religion. It must be pretty important because it's in the first amendment.

    What really get me though, is that most of these religious displays are decidedly Christian. You do not often see Jewish, Muslim, Hindi, or Buddhist displayed at courthouses. It's a bit of a double standard as some Christians would probably lose their minds if that ever did happen. It's best just to keep it secular so no one is getting offended. Display your religion proudly at your own home or church. I doubt any atheist is going to have a problem with that.

  • What are they going to say

    My having no beliefs trumps your belief, hahahahaha!!!!?

    Pathetic how people who dont believe in something constantly ram that lack of belief down your throat. Also pathetic how (given the picture above) Atheism is the only religion whose members believe that their religion is one which is supported by science (lol).

  • Looking for attention

    It's pathetic how these atheists need the drama and controversy. They have to provoke people of faith to stay relevant. Without people of faith their "religion" will not be relevant. Now, I'm sure there are atheists who don't mind that religious people get on with their religion and religious holidays, and I'm not referring to them. I'm only referring to those always seeking every opportunity to grab attention to themselves at the back of religion.

  • Nope. Otherwise they're hypocrites.

    I can kinda get how Atheists may be offended by religious displays because I can see how that would isolate them, but if they turn around and display in a manner that's offensive to theists, say for example, atheist.Org's poster that says "who needs Christ in Christmas" (just to name one) then they have no right to complain about religious displays. Otherwise they're hypocrites.

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DanielCoimbra says2013-12-08T00:45:18.637
The premise is false. Atheists are not offended by it, but rather annoyed because of the sheer stupidity and ignorance of theistic claims and displays.