If Baby Yoda ran for president, Would you vote for him?

  • Yes I would

    I would vote Baby Yoda for president because why would a clown like me not vote for him. He's cute, Funny, Eats chicky nugs, Drinks choccy milk, And has a lot of funny memes tagged to him. So yup, I would no doubt vote for Baby Yoda okay bye bye.

  • NO. . . Just no

    Ok First We don't know how old he is or even if he can talk.

    Second he is a good meme but there is so much better ones.

    Third if we are going logical here we want someone smart and we don't know anything about baby yoda so that is why I say maybe Jimmy Neutron or someone else.


  • Hell to the no

    I don't care how many memes he's attached to, He's inferior to the actual meme lords, Such as Waluigi, Hallowed be his name. Ancient YTPs are consistently funnier. If you don't believe me then watch The King's Unreasonable Demands. And our content has, For the most part, Gotten better!

    I think you're looking in the wrong place for a president. How about an outer god, Such as Yog-Sothoth or Daoloth? (I'm a fan of Hastur myself, But I will say that the outer gods are more maligned than they deserve to be, Outside of maybe Groth. ) How about a hero, Like Superman, Jesus, Or Nerd City? If you just want the world to burn, You can even vote for a furry.

    There's also no reason to vote for Baby Yoda over Shrek.

  • Baby Yoda Cringe

    Baby Yoda is not epic like bruh have you seen anything besides Baby Yoda you cringe normie. Who would chose to vote for him over any of the other 69 candidates like Peter Griffen, Shreck, Big Chungus, Keanu Reeves, Or monke. You are big peepee poopoo that is not epic if you like baby yoda.

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