If Bernie Sanders was elected as president, do you believe he will make the changes he promised?

Asked by: ramramgeorge
  • His Consistency Is Unparalleled

    Bernie's platform has been the same since he started over 30 years ago. He was advocating for the same ideas even when they weren't popular. He also understands that his main duty as president is to mobilize the American people in demanding what they want from a broken, support-your-donors-Congress, something that is not present with any other candidate. If nothing else, recognizes the need to overturn Citizen's United and get money out of politics. This should honestly be every American's first priority and demand before voting for ANY candidate, since the entire process of politics in America will become more and more futile if the ruling stays in place.

  • His Consistency Is Unparalleled

    Bernie Sanders has had the same platform for over 30 years. He was saying the same things he does now before it was even popular. Plus, he recognizes that his job as president is to mobilize the people, something that has been severely lacking in past administrations. If nothing else, he supports overturning Citizens United, which should be everyone's first priority.

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  • He is sincere and committed

    I firmly disagree with Bernie Sanders on the majority of his issues and believe that his policies will mostly be detrimental to the American economy and society. However, he has a record of consistency between his message and his actions, and he seems like a sincere candidate who truly believes in his message (unlike his opponent Hillary.) He means well, but is misguided.

  • He won't be able to

    Even if he is elected, and that's a big if, his policies are too radical for the time. Conservatives in Congress will just sit around twiddling their thumbs, just like they are doing with Obama's terms. Then they will turn around and say that he is not getting anything done. And when he tries to get something done by executive order, they will claim that he has breached the separation of powers.

  • I hate being cynical but....

    While Mr Sanders does have his heart in the right place, the overwhelming amount of clear evidence, history, and sheer similarities between his Campaign and Obama's (both of which offered- at the time- a new alternative with a desire for change oriented towards the benefit of the people and soared through the polls using donor money- although Obama did eventually accept donations from corporations- and wanted to kill inequality and impose progressive policies- both to a similar extent- and said such in their speeches and platforms targeting both the wealthy and many other issues. And what happened? Oh yes, most of it was blocked, lobbied, bribed into cancellation or simply scrapped once he grabbed power.

    The only difference I can say about Sanders is his record on voting for such policies he advocates for is relatively consistent - until i find evidence that says otherwise for Mr Obama - compared to other candidates, but being president and a senator is a completely different game due to not only the sheer amount of power you hold alone, but the amount of people (no doubt some of them lobbyists) who you will be influenced by and frankly have to impress. The system is owned and there is no doubt beyond my mind that it will strip Mr Sanders of all his promises if it means achieving its dominance. The game is rigged essentially.

    And that's not beginning to get into the amount of legal opposition from crooked lawyers and other bought out politicians along with who knows what else. It seems Mr Sanders and only Mr Sanders- plus a couple of his supporters within the democrat party and his circle- seem to be the only ones advocating rigorously for corporate influence to be reduced- at least who we heard about- which possesses serious obstacles for him.

    All in all, I truly respect and appreciate Mr Sanders and how Genuine he is, but many, many times its been proven that we are a little bit too late for any sort of necessary serious change (on the ideological and constitutional level) to occur from a ballot box or arguably from peaceful protests (no i am not advocating violent resentment or insurgencies, but something in between nonviolence and violence that ensures we stand our ground when those who oppose us challenge us).

    And i myself am not speaking from my opinion, both American and world history show many situations like Sanders to be either worse, idle, or downright disappointing.

    Ok... Enough cynicism.

  • He won't and shouldn't.

    Firstly, I would like to start off by saying that I am an anarchist, more specifically an anarcho-capitalist. I do not believe in the state (government) and therefore believe there should not be a president at all, so don't think that by not liking Bernie Sanders I support another candidate. Secondly, there's no way he will keep his promises. Why even ask anymore? Not only do politicians lie for power, the drug which they are addicted to, but even if he had every intention of keeping them, he couldn't. There's no way that congress is going to agree with all of his ideas. Thirdly, and most importantly, he shouldn't keep them. Not do only some of his admitted far-left socialist ideas interfere with various freedoms, but his agenda of making everything "free" is bad for the economy in the long run. Of course, this isn't specific to him. Increasing taxes and economic activity in the present is commonplace for politicians who want their fix of power and to be re-elected, because it would raise the statistics during their term, making them appeal more to the voters who live in the present. This is opposed to saving money and using it later on, which helps sustain the economy in the long-run, but is less popular among politicians and their supporters. In conclusion, I do not think Bernie Sanders would keep his promises (IF he was elected president), nor do I believe those promises, if kept, would be good for the country (not that I would rather he lie and turn on his beliefs, because that would be misleading dishonest).

  • No way he can deliver.

    While some of what he says will appeal to some people, he's really being delusional to promise things that a President, alone, cannot do.

    That said, there will be no good candidates at all, really, certainly none that have any chance of getting elected. They're all the same when it comes to the real work of being fiscally responsible.

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