If Casey Anthony wants more children, should she be allowed to have them?

  • Legally yes, personally no.

    Legally Casey Anthony was absolved of any fault in the death of her daughter so she is not a criminal. You cannot tell someone what they can or cannot do. However, in my own personal opinion, what she did is horrific and any children she would have in the future would be in danger.

  • Yes

    I think we as a society have no right to force sterilization on a citizen who was acquitted of a murder charge, by a jury of her peers. Sure, she was negligent and guilty of abuse, but so are many parents whose children are taken away by DSS, and they later get them back after attending parenting classes, or drug rehab.

  • I wish she wouldn't, but we have no right to stop her.

    What are we going to do, forcefully sterilize her? Mandatory abortion? Take the kid away at birth? As soon as we start saying these things are okay for a woman we all hate, it creates a precedent to deny reproductive rights to other women. Not a risk we should be willing to take.

    Posted by: Pazu
  • She was found not guilty.

    She is free to do whatever she pleases by law.

  • Yes

    Yes. Casey Anthony should be allowed to do whatever she wants. Whether Casey Anthony killed her child or not is not up to us to decide. A jury found Casey Anthony not guilty. If we, as a public don't want her to have children, it does not give us the right to determine that. If for some reason, Casey Anthony did not actually have a part in her child's death (which was determined to be the case), we would be at fault for not allowing her to have children. Having children is a right given to all Americans. Nobody is allowed to take that right from them.

  • Yes.

    We live in America. Unfortunately, there are millions of dysfunctional families and sociopaths just like Casey Anthony. It was a tragic and horrific case, but we as flawed humans, cannot place a law on someone that denies them the right to reproduce. Again, it is deeply upsetting what she was accused of, and she should not be responsible for children, but we live in a very free country, and should be thankful for that by allowing every citizen their rights.

  • Yes, she can have more children, what legally is stopping her?

    It is not a matter of personal opinion of if she can take care of the children, because it is her legal right to be able to have children. She was cleared of all charges (right decision or wrong) so there is nothing that can stop her from having more.

  • Innocent until proven guilty

    Why should they take away any of her rights? Especially that God-given right of procreation. She was found not guilty, and that's what we have to go off of. Though I hope she does not.

  • It has gone to far

    I do understand why most of the people think we should allowed to have guns to protect themselves or other safety usage but one thing every human being should know that not everyone are the same, some are nice and some are bad and those horrible people cost pain to all lot of people and even death. So, I believe that the people who aren't in the military or works as a soldier should not allowed to have guns and people who should allow to have guns are the people who fight to save our country ( the soldiers).

  • Casey Anthony Kids

    I think that Casey Anthony should not be allowed to have any more kids because she would not be a good influence on that child. The child might not feel safe with her either if they know that she killed her other kid. Also she might try to kill that child.

  • I oppose Casey Anthony having more children, as she will kill them, too.

    I know that procreation is a natural right, and that taking it away from someone will be no better than eugenics. But, in this case, Casey Anthony killed her 2-year old child, so that she can have a fun time at parties. She did not want her child, and even tried to give her up for adoption. Allowing Casey Anthony to have more children is murder. It is no better than abortion. We cannot stop her from having more children, but we sure as hell can make sure that her baby stays alive.

    Posted by: JitteryDamian82
  • Casey Anthony is not capable of taking care of a child, and really should not be able to.

    Although no law can prevent Casey from having more children, unless she changes completely, there is no way she should have more. Not only has she
    shown she is incapable as a mother, she is a psychopath, and probably an
    alcoholic or drug addict, too, as well as a sex addict.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • No

    She showed no remorse at the fact that her daughter had been murdered and her body had been dumped in the middle of a wood, which shows her lack of emotion and love for her daughter therefore should not be allowed to have more children

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