If children read news, they stay uptudate and informed.

Asked by: rainbowfairy
  • If children read news, they can use the information they get while reading it.

    You could read the news and stay informed, and also know about majority of people’s opinions. News can give you lots of facts and sources you could relay on. The opinion on the news can also be a fact. If you stay informed, based to the fact you know, you could create new things, too.

  • Claim itself is, obviously, correct, but its implications are not.

    We limit childrens rights because they have not yet developed enough to have valid reasoning. Because of this, being updated and informed will have (in most cases) no effect. Information needs to be processed in valid way. Since children are generally not able to do that (which is why we limit some of their rights) keeping them informed and updated serves no purpose. To disagree with this would be to suggest that kids can have valid reasoning and therefore their rights should not be limited.

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