If China's economy collapses would it cause a global recession?

Asked by: DaLogic
  • Absolutely, an economic collapse in China would send the Global Economic HMS Titanic straight to the bottom.

    In fact, the global economy is so fragile, that an economic collapse in any of the top 20 GDP economies of the world would cause a global economic collapse. Europe was barely able to afford the recent Greek banking bailout (which is only getting worse), and Greece's GDP and population are relatively microscopic. Being that most western governments are massively indebted and highly leveraged, there is no capacity to bail out a major player such as China. I suspect that even an economic collapse in countries such as France or England would sink the global Titanic in short order.

  • China has a GDP nominal of over $9 trillion

    The Greek financial crisis is getting worse, and Greece's GDP nominal is $236 billion, and is still in the crisis, even after Europe tried to help. So if china's economy went down, then the GDP per capita may or may not be lower than even Afghanistan, or some African states like D.R. Congo, due to the 1.4 billion people there. So technically yes

  • Its Power in Global Economy

    Were the Chinese economy to collapse, Then that’d probably reverberate in a really negative way in the DOW Jones, S&P 500 and other companies’ stocks. Manufacturing is ~40% of China’s GDP, And has been for some time. Were that to be cut off, Both the supply and the demand would for various materials would catastrophically plummet, Tanking the economy, And on a global scale.

  • China number one exporter in cars, consumer goods, agricultural products.

    My title indicates a yes, the fact that China is the world's number one producer in a number of things, that means it provides a massive amount of products for other countries.
    China faces many obstacle that would have an effect on its economy, such as bad environmental issues, desertification, aging population to name a few, all of which combined could drastically affect the productiveness of the country, and if the country fails to provide other countries, it would definitely have an effect on other countries.

  • China is not the backbone of the World

    I would like to point out first that none of the comentors concluded a global economic crash, just that it would cripple the economies of its traders. (And that is the correct usage of "its") While a Gross Domestic Product of 9 trillion is impressive, let us not forget the difference between production and trade, the latter being what ties together a global economy. In 2014 China did 521 billion USD in trade with Anerica, some of which is products being sold to them. Also notable is despite the Leftist propaganda, only 19.9% of US imports brought in are from China. Another un-noted fact is the 5.7 trillion GDP of Japan, and the 17 trillion GDP of the US. Despite owning 33% of
    America's debt with payable interest investments, China still presents itself the number 2 economy worldwide. Additionally, we can consider China's 5.6 trillion dollar debt, growing $6,000 a second. As the new Trans-Pacific deal threatens to undermine China's trading power in the Southeast Asian region, the nation is projected a revenue loss of 100s of billions while the US, South Korea and Japan commandeer the role of resource suppliers. Finally, the Crash of the #1 economy in the world, the US in 2008, did not rock the entire globe beyond shortfalls in Europe. So, it is my logic that the loss of the #2 production power would not topple every economic system either. China has more land, more creditors, many more people, but lacks more resources, production power, and trade able goods. The US is fading, but still remains the world leader in trade and production.

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