If choice is an illusion, How can free will exist? Can it be achieved?

Asked by: Zerotech80
  • Free will is an illusion?

    I don't understand how choice is an illusion and free will doesn't exist if someone can clarify that to me that'd be great. Free will is basically having the right to choose what you do with your life correct? So you choose to get on this website and post your opinion, That's free will the consequence of your choice might be you make someone upset/disagree with you. Yes your choices has consequences and rewards but you made that choice based on your outcomes. You go into almost every situation knowing the outcome of it.

  • Depends what you mean by "free will"

    The idea that humans trick themselves into believing in free will was laid out by Dan Wegner about a decade ago.

    But the problem is that there isn't an objective way to test it.

    Also the idea of "free will" is a Christian theological construct. Others do not believe in it in the same way Christians do.

  • Free will is an illusion. It does not exist. Every choice you make is within a construct of your life experiences.

    You are merely a record of your life experiences. Every choice you make, Every thought you think is a result of the world's interactions with you. Even creative people are influenced by the people around them who whether intentionally or inadvertently guided you towards that path. Everything you ever did in your life was a result of other peoples' influences on you. Going on this website is a result of your upbringing which either explicitly or implicitly encouraged you to enjoy debate, Or, Perhaps the will of internet algorithms merely brought you here. You are a result of outside influence. Every thought you think is not your own, But an amalgamation of others' indirect influences onto you. You do not have free will. Free will cannot be achieved.

  • Should we belief in i free will?

    I think this is the Quastion we need.
    Of course we can find i lot of arguments about if is it an illions or real? But what is real? And what is illosion? How can 0 be 1? What is time? There is a lot of things we don't now and we don't need too
    because i don't that it give us a Value.

  • 'Free Will' is an Illusion!

    How can there be free will when each will carried out comes at a cost? Each action we take as a will has a price to pay for a benefit or a consequence. There is no such thing as 'free will' which makes this debate kind of useless unless someone can convince us otherwise.

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