If Christianity was proven to be true, would you believe it?

Asked by: justin.graves
  • Truth is truth.

    If you could prove to me that Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Atheism, Taoism, Satanism, or any other religion or belief system was true, I would believe it. The only thing holding someone back would either be pride, selfishness, or delusion. Is something is proved to be true, you should believe it.

  • Yes, of course.

    Shouldn't every person seek after the TRUTH with all their might? Too often people want to believe what makes them feel good, or feels right to them. But if a creator made us and the world, then HE gets to make the rules. In fact, any definition of right and wrong, morality or immorality, would come from Him.

  • If it is real you cannot not believe in it.

    If something is proven to be true and you do not believe in it, that would be like saying " I don't believe in computers". Which is ridiculous because they obviously exist and you can't not believe in something that is real. The fact of the matter is Christianity cannot be proven true. Even on a hypothetical level, because you can't test whether or not Christianity is TRUE, only speculate, so it cannot be a hypothesis, there for, "If Christianity was proven to be true, would you believe it?" is not a hypothetical question because it cannot be tested. This question has no purpose but to feed the ego of people like Justin.Graves and all the other religious idiots that post these kinds of questions. (this is a repost of my comment i had made earlier)

  • Misleading questions are misleading

    I think what most of the people who answer no are saying that even if the God of x is proven to be true, then they still wouldn't worship them because of a, b, c, etc..., which really isn't what's being asked. If x religion was proven to be true and correct, then of course I would believe that religion was true and correct. The next question that would need to be asked would be if I would then choose to follow that religion, which is another question entirely.

  • If proven, then the factor of belief is void. The question of agreement arises however.

    It's as most of the previous arguments have stated. It's no longer a belief if it's proven. Christianity along with almost every religion are based on blind faith. Not evidence. If you can provide sufficient evidence to prove it's existence then you can only question if you agree with it or not, which allows room for the average person's opinion. Which means the opposing argument is a needless one, as what is proven is proven, if you can't believe in something that is factually proven then you lack intelligence, which is a whole different story.

  • lol i do believe it is true.

    That just shows to you evolutionist that you dont really stick with the facts. As you can see it says if it were to be "proven" and ask if you would believe it. You say no, which means you dont really stick with the facts, but only believe what you want to believe.

  • But it is not.

    But, it has been proved to be false many times.
    Their only source (the Bible) is full of (auto)contradictions, and therefore inconsistent with itself.
    Nietzsche proved that even their ideology of life is also inconsistent.
    Its not hard to make a model of a universe without god. Therefore the existence of god cannot be proved.
    The mere existence of a all mighty god is inconsistent (the ones who wrote the bible didn't consider it because Russell paradoxes were unknown at that moment.)

    Posted by: karv
  • If you could actually prove it, it wouldn't be about belief.

    Now, if you as whether or not I'd WORSHIP that god, different story. Absolutely not- the god described in the Judeo-Christian scriptures is a homicidal, genocidal, tyrannical megalomaniac.

    Of course the question is entirely academic- there is no good evidence any god from any religion even exists, much less that any of the Abrahamic faiths in particular is correct.

  • What is the point of this Question. Christianity exists, it doesn't have to be proven.

    Proving the dogmatic beliefs of Christianity can't be done because they are make-believe, e.G., God, the Devil, angels, heaven, Hades. As with all religions, the beliefs are all based on superstitious nonsense and rely on a supreme being. That supreme being cannot be proven. You either have faith or you do not.

    1. A doctrine or a corpus of doctrines relating to matters such as morality and faith, set forth in an authoritative manner by a church.

  • No because I find the God of the Bible immoral.

    Christians always enjoy to say how loving their God is. But if they actually read the Bible (specifically the Old Testament), they would see that Yahweh is not as loving as they claim. He killed over 2,000,000 people, while Satan only killed 10. Why anyone would want to worship such an hypocrite of a God is really confusing to me.

  • Nope, not at all.

    Why would I believe something that's true? Only a complete moron would do that. Everyone knows that you should believe everything that is false, because then you'll be right about everything. It is known by all that everything that is true is false, and everything that is false is true.

  • It's much too ignorant.

    Even if it were true, it's just so morally unsound and logically shallow that I'd prefer to be in Hell with smart people than enjoy heaven with people who simply bought into it.

    If Christianity took over the world, it would destroy the world and call it a "fulfillment of prophecy".
    They are nothing more at this point than the world's largest doomsday cult.

  • Self-contradiction three words

    A thesis isn't proven true by a random and unrelated hypothesis. Stupid! If I had more than fifty words I would slice you apart, surgically, taxidermilogically, and passionately, with my trusty knife of pain. I am so offended by you and your kind - you need to leave off, until you find some idea that has more substance to you it than a wilted grain of corn.

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Bullish says2013-05-11T01:20:14.530
Excuse me, but this is a pointless question. Of course, if something is true, one ought to believe it. Duh. It's not even opinion.
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-11T02:41:23.473
This question is ridiculous.
TN05 says2013-05-11T03:06:28.383
It's a trap!
justin.graves says2013-05-11T14:43:55.763
Well, let me clarify why I asked this question:

1. When I evangelize sometimes, I come across Atheists and Agnostics. I ask this question because many Atheists think that: "God is a tyrant who keeps you from doing the very things that you want to do."-Adolph Hitler. Their belief is not based on science but on not wanting a God to be watching their moves and saying what they are doing is wrong. I've seen some of that on this site. When you ask if they'd believe if it was proven, a surprising number say "No."!

2. I wanted to see some reactions and if people would stay on topic or if it would turn into a Christian-bashing bonanza. Let me just say I wasn't surprised to see "homicidal, genocidal, tyrannical megalomaniac." in relation to God as well as " it has been proved to be false many times."

So yeah, it was kind of an experiment to better my evangelistic skills. No, I do not slap people with Bibles as I have been accused of before. That is not what that means. I have BEEN slapped, but never hit anyone.
Magic8000 says2013-05-11T15:18:15.713
"Their belief is not based on science but on not wanting a God to be watching their moves and saying what they are doing is wrong."

Why do Muslims disbelieve in Christianity? They believe there's a God watching their moves. So then, you're committing a special pleading fallacy in thinking atheists can't disbelieve the same way muslims do. I came to atheism mainly by philosophy, but some science too. How exactly do you know atheists don't base their unbelief on science? You can give me a lie detector test, if I pass you would just use an ad hoc saying something like "That's because your inner self doesn't want God to exist". How you see inside peoples "true" thoughts and feelings is a mystery.
justin.graves says2013-05-11T16:23:58.823
Look, Magic 8000, I'm just saying I have talked to a LOT of Atheists. And about 50% of them are casual Atheists who admitted to me that they just didn't want an Almighty Being in charge of them. I'm not saying EVERy unBeliever just doesn't want God (i.E. Muslims) only that a lot of "Atheists" don't. 'Twould be interesting to see a non-Christian Theist's response to this question too.
Bullish says2013-05-11T16:31:41.207
People shouldn't "believe" because they want something to be true. I have always wanted to have a positive faith, but I simply fail to. Same with many Atheists. May I say, same goes for many Christians. They only believe because they want Paradise in Afterlife.

I doubt those Atheism fully understood your question. Read Skptikitten's response. Those Atheist would believe in God, just not WORSHIP Him.
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-11T17:39:57.337
@justin.Graves- Atheists (at least I'd hope most) aren't saying "I don't believe in God because he's [insert one of several awful characteristics]" because that's a complete non-sequitur. Nobody would say "I don't believe Adolf Hitler existed because he was genocidal." Now, whether we would worship the Judaeo-Christian god is a whole other story. A better question you could pose is "If the Christian god exists, would you worship him." I think I know what the resounding response would be.
Bullish says2013-05-11T19:37:26.187

I conclude that this experiment was rather ill designed and only lead to confusion and Atheist-bashing.
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-11T20:01:44.633
@Bullish- Agreed
Magic8000 says2013-05-11T23:02:17.077
@x2MuzioPlayer Maybe that's what Justin's atheists are saying.
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-12T00:22:19.777
@Magic8000- I'm guess I'm not surprised some would say that. It's just a terrible train of logic.
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-12T00:22:35.297
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-12T00:23:01.260
._. Sigh... I give up on grammar accuracy.
justin.graves says2013-05-12T17:44:55.557
Thank you Magic8000. This is not I hypothetical situation. I have had several people tell me that they don't believe in God because they don't like the idea of God looking over them or that they didn't like the God of the Bible. They said that no matter what science or philosophy said, they didn't want to believe in God. Period.
justin.graves says2013-05-12T17:52:16.247

For all of you who told me too: "If the God of the Bible truly existed, would you worship Him?"
Bullish says2013-05-12T18:07:23.163
Justin: we concede to your point that certain Atheists in this vast society hold views that are generally considered unsound. However we also ask you to at least acknowledge our views and if you see fit declare them sound. 1. Certain Christians only believe because they want eternal paradise. 2. This question was poorly designed and leads to confusion and Atheist bashing.
justin.graves says2013-05-12T18:53:01.710
I never said your views were not sound. Agreed, this question was poorly created. My apologies. Your views can be sound.
Bullish says2013-05-12T19:03:11.740
@justin.Graves: Thank you for that. It is often very difficult to get those words out of someones mouth. Thank you again.
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-12T19:58:29.467
@justin.Graves- Your second question is much better phrased, so I took the time and made a response.