If Climate change/Global Warming is indeed real and caused by human activity, Is the threat of this climate change exaggerated?

  • It is not caused by human activity

    CO2 has such a small affect on the temperature of earth's atmosphere and is demonstrable only using very specific lab experiments. This demonstrated link has been extrapolated in extremely far-fetched models that take it into account what actually drives climate which is the ocean, The sun and the earth's orbit around it.

    CO2 is not even worth mentioning when talking about climate. It is just a scape goat to introduce tax on third-world countries who can't afford renewable energy which has shown to not even help in reducing CO2 let alone 'help' the climate. Real pollution such as smog and plastic waste and destruction of soil and unique animal species are what environmentalists should be focused on. Not CO2. CO2 = life for everything on earth. If you say the earth has warmed 1 degree in the last 100 years, Even with the hypothesis that CO2 means warming, The temperature should have been raised at least three times as much if you are linking CO2 change with temperature change. But it hasn't because CO2 does not drive the temperature. This is just one of many discrepancies you will notice if you look into this even just for a couple of minutes. If you believe humans cause climate change you need to do more of your research of your own and not just regurgitate what you have been told at school or by mass media without actually checking it with what is actually happening around you. Finally if you really don't agree with anything I've said and you still think CO2 is the primary cause of global temperature and climate then you would support nuclear energy because that's the only way you are going to replace fossil fuels. Renewables will never be able to replace fossil fuels entirely because they are provide no base load power and require an ridiculous amount of transmission lines that make them totally inefficient. Wind turbines can take up to 30 years before they are carbon 'neutral'. That is not going to solve your impending doom scenario. Not only is CO2 causing global warming baloney, The statement that it can cause catastrophic climate change is so far fetched you just have to listen to yourself speak. There is absolutely no mechanism by which CO2 can raise sea levels, Create storms, Create bushfires, Make blizzards etc. No CO2 does not 'acidify' the oceans. There is no deadly bacteria waiting in the permafrost and no the world is not going to end if we keep breathing CO2 into the atmosphere. However, All life on earth WILL end if we run out of CO2. We are already at historically dangerously low levels and adding more to the atmosphere is if anything, Good for all living organisms on earth.

  • Climate Change may be a problem, But humans aren´t the exact cause

    Of course, Climate change is real. Scientists and politicians have claimed it real, NASA claimed it was real, Yet they claimed it did not require the earth to become a flaming ball of fire. And what most woke activists do is to fo around saying "How Dare You Disagree With Me" and such. What the left does is try to intimidated you, But besides that, What these activists want to do is stop factories, Stop miners from using big machines, And such. And, If these leftists look at the facts, Over 10Million Jobs will be lost. Millions with no power or electricity. If you want to clean up the planet, Be my guest, But don't make millions of others suffer with it.

  • It's a naturally occurring event.

    NASA stated that there is not a climate emergency going on as it is naturally occurring and I'm inclined to believe them. What people don't realize is that it is a natural cycle that the earth goes through. Approximately 300 years ago, The earth was in what scientists call a "little ice age. " Approximately 300 years before that, There was a warm period. People think that they know better than the scientists at NASA just because they watch CNN every night.

  • Key word: if

    It is real and something the earth does with or without us, No need to be alarmed. Compared to most of earth's history, We are in a cold, Low-CO2, Period. More CO2 would just make the earth greener and plants would grow more. There is a 100, 000 year cycle that we are currently in, 20, 000 years since the last glacial maximum.

  • 'This too shall pass'

    It is a natural phase and Humans have had little to no input in the outcome. Nature is stronger than Humans- we are not gods who can destroy the world by driving cars. Eco anxiety and guilt is a big mental health problem that needs to be tackled by the media showing alternate research by independent scientists. At the most we should help the environment get through this phase smoothly but there is no need to be scared the world is ending.

  • This should not even be a discussion.

    There is more than ample evidence that proves this claim. The people who are ignoring or simply not believing that climate change is real are doing it because it won't disastrously affect them during their lives. The threat of climate change can already be seen worldwide, And is not exaggerated. It should rather be reported even more.

  • Yes and No, But mostly No

    There are groups of people that exaggerate climate change. But think about this climate change has long lasting effects on the earth, Think about people 100 years from now that have to deal with this mess. Right now we are making decisions that will last for a long time. Is it really our job to play god?

  • Man-made climate change is real

    The threat to human life is exaggerated at times, But the threat is real. 22000 years ago we were at ~ -4°C of the thermal optimum and in an ice age that put Boston under a glacier a mile high. Over the course of 11000 years later we reached the temperature of the Holocene Climate Optimum and fluctuated within a degree Celsius of that optimum for the next 11000 years. In the course of those 22000 years the globe changed dramatically. Mammoths disappeared, The major ice sheets across North America retreated, This melting ice cut Britain off from Europe as the sea level rose, So on and so forth. Contrast this to the many current predictions that put us at achieving ~ +4°C of the climate optimum by 2100. Remember that -4 put Boston under a mile of ice, I shudder at the thought of +4. We may lament the costs now, But if we do nothing we will face unimaginable decisions, Chaos, And crisis.

  • It isn't exagerated

    They can't even keep up with the rapid ecelerated speed in the computer modelling. It is the rate of change and we can not keep up. It will be catastrophic. The earth will find some ways of changing the weather to mitigate the extremes. But bush fires floods and cold temps will get worse

  • Solicited, But not exaggerated

    When you have few people who know what they are talking about attempt to convince a much larger group of people who leave the 'knowing things' to the first group, Then multiply that by a camera and internet chat forums then you are bound to loose some of the usefull information in translation- a message of warning of an oncoming danger can sound like a threat to some ears, For example. Fear of the unknown or lack of adequate interpretation can do that to otherwise rational people.

    That being said, Even if the physical threat to humanity specifically was exaggerated (it's not), That doesn't make it a conspiracy or anything; overselling a solution to a problem is the way parent would try to get a kid to eat their vegetables.

    And besides, Let's pretend for a second that climate change is total bs (it's not), Other than the initial cost what would we really loose by getting our electricity from somewhere other than freedom juice? Other than conserving a resource we know to be limited, Putting less poison in the air, Food, And water, And potentially ending a few wars to boot?

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