If cloning was perfected, would it be ethical to use on animals (and say why)?

Asked by: Higgsman
  • If it's not harmful, why not?

    I see what you mean by "Going against mother nature" since cloning does seem strange and unnatural when you don't know much about it, but that may change if you do. Then again, it might not. The fact is, to be banned, there has to be an objective reason as to why it is harmful to either living things or the environment. Anything else, such as going against nature, is subjective. If subjective majorities were right, the sun would revolve around the earth. Personally, I believe that if you don't like it, don't volunteer or participate, but unless you have factual evidence of objective wrongdoing, don't get in the way of people who are for it.

  • Yes but only under certain conditions.

    1. Organ Donation, make a clone of someone, however, do something so there would be no brain activity other than the brain stem, that way, someone would be pretty much a "Vegtable" And they would not be concious, and it would allow for taking of live organs that would usually kill the person, but since this body was never concious it doesn't matter.
    2. For bringing back extinct taxonomoic groups, which would give us alot of information anatomically, behaviourly. Etc about an extinct specie, and would help majorly for biology. Though keep most of them in a controlled area, (Depending on the specie) Because if they got out into the wild they could drastically change the ecosystem.
    3. Food, do the same thing with organ donation, except kill the entire brain, it would allow for alot more food, and the animals wouldn't need to drink water or other food, this would probably solve world hunger. Cloning will solve alot of major world problems, we should however, use it responsibly.

  • The benefits outweigh the non-existent cons:

    1.) Asexual cloning already exists in nature in organisms such as some fungi, plants, and invertebrate (asexual cloning is when offspring can be born without a mate and the offspring is genetically equal to the parent).

    2.) Organ donation.

    3.) Food production.

    4.) To bring back close to extinct species.

  • It's already happening.

    Many people don't realize that thousands of animals have been successfully cloned. The extent to which biotechnology is functioning under the radar is astonishing. Many many domestic animal clones are alive today. Including cattle, sheep, and racehorses. It's relatively easy to create clones in the modern method, only peoples fear of the unknown keeps it from becoming mainstream.

    Side note: it's always possible to misuse a technology, but cloning is safe and ethical in my point of view. I would totally clone myself!

  • NO! Cloning is unnatural.

    It would not be right because it is unnatural and it goes against mother nature. If you do something against the normal balance of nature, it can have many negative ripple affects. It is not ethical because eventually they might feel it is ok to clone human beings. This is not right.

  • I say no

    It is unethical to create conscious beings that exist weather that is through IVF, sexual procreation, or cloning. I think the honorable thing for our species (and animals) to do is to deny our programming. Stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction - one last midnight, brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.

    Posted by: hect

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