If creationism can be taught at school, then evolution and the big bang can be taught in churches

Asked by: Commondebator
  • This is a misinformed poll

    Creationism shouldnt be taught in school thats obvious. But many churches do teach that evolution/the big bang as fact, for example the major Jesuit branh of the Catholic Church. Atheists do not own science. Many Christians and other relgious people are very dedicated to the pursuit of science. Science should be for everybody and welcome all people to expand their knowledge. For all some Atheists complain about religion being a dividing factor they dont seem to want to stop contributing to the problem

  • Of coarse it can

    Really to be fair, neither belong there. So if you force creationism down student's throat then Atheists can come to churches and force you to believe the creation scientific theories in churches. So, yes if creationism can be taught in school then scientific theories can be taught in school also.

  • I applaud this man

    If I was taught creationism in my public school, I would gtfo of there and get the teacher fired! It's unfair that Atheists are being shunned everywhere and that people are being taught a lie instead of facts. They should at least have to make it optional. Religion is causing war, not peace.

  • Why is this in the 'art' section?

    I don't really care. This is a moot point. It's obvious that creationism should not be taught in school, but to say atheists should be able to go to churches and teach science is absurd. Atheists can in fact go to church and speak with the congregation about scientific theory right now; no one is stopping you.

    This should be in the 'religion' section.

  • This is a stupid poll

    Creationism has NO SCIENTIFIC BASIS. School is not church. Only pure science should be taught in school. Evolution and the big bang ARE currently supported by many churches, it wouldn't be new. But churches who want to believe in creationism, go right ahead, but no one can stop anyone from voicing their critical opinion on which view of creation is right.

    This is really just a bad poll.

  • Anything can be taught anywhere

    ... And it is. First, most churches don't really "teach," but they instead inspire, persaude, play emotional games, and ramble.Public schools do not teach Creationism ever. Occasionally churches encourage theistic evolution. In conclusion, we should be very careful in what we teach the young, though we can say whatever we want.

  • OK first of all...

    Schools are not holy places. Even if they are catholic/christian denominational, they still have science classes, right? I do, and we learn about evolution and the big bang! Theology is totally separated there. And then theres the churches. Churches have the right to do what they want really, within reason (within the law), and they can not do things that they don't want to do. So you can't say, "If creationism can be taught at school, then evolution and the big bang can be taught in churches" , because creationism isn't taught unless you learn about religion. If you're learning about religion, you aren't in public school. If you aren't in public school, then you aren't separating yourself from religion. See what I mean? You can't say that creationism is taught at school, because it really isn't taught in school as much as evolution. So that basically nullifies your whole proposal, but nevertheless, I will continue as I have obviously nothing to do tonight. Atheists can come to christian churches and tell the churches whatever they want. That does't mean that the churches will listen! First of all, the Athiest/agnostic population is minuscule compared to the Christian population. So with that said, how are they going to overthrow the Churches' teachings, and reinstitute their idea of no God? That wouldn't work right? Just like sending four or five skinny little kids to tell the College Football team that they can't play football anymore. The kids aren't going to win that fight, are they? (Prroooobably not) So really, what authority does the atheist/agnostic population have against the Christian Church? None. Why is creationism taught in school, but not the big bang theory and evolution? Thats not true, most kids got to secularist public schools that don't talk about religion at all, so if evolution is a theory based on religion, it wouldn't be taught in a secularist school. So yeah! Thats how I spend my free time! Coming up on the spot with a pretty good rebuttal (in my opinion) to Commondebator's opinion topic! :)

    (If you read this far You are a tough cookie :) Most people probably stopped a long time ago, but YOU are special if you get to see this.

  • I'm sorry but

    I believe that if there is a church that does it then it's ok but if the church isn't a church that doesn't believe in it then it shouldn't be taught because of the fact if someone teaches that in a church then it'll mess up the child's brain if everyday their parents tell them that there is the one true God then the child will get confused. And this is coming from a vampire so shows how I believe.

  • CHRISTAN schools will stay christan. Normal schools wont.

    I'm a unsure christan, but a christan none the less and I respect those with realigons. If there are creatoiinsts in schools, teaching religon and not science, then that school is probably a religous private school, and if your going to force your belifie on them, then don't go to a RELIGOUS SCHOOL. Thats were they teach what they belivie to be true, and if your not going to respect that then you need to reavaluate your life and top forcing your belifife on people.

  • A very confusing title, but here goes:

    There is a biblical verse that states that one shouldn't throw pearls to the swine and I feel the same way about trying to inform and educate an already indoctrinated crowd on evolution. Philosophy and psychology, which are two branches I myself have used to understand the emotional and mental shackles religion enslaves one with, are also currently not taught in church. In the same way, I feel that evolution, the sciences and true knowledge should remain out there for one to truly seek when they are ready

  • Churches are specifically

    For religious purposes. That's why they're called churches--places of worship. People can choose to not go to church if they don't want to hear religious teachings. Those who do go to church only seek to be educated in creationism and similar topics, not evolution.
    However, because not all students go to church, they should be taught both creationism and evolution at school to become exposed to both beliefs and decide for themselves which one they will support. The young generation should not be purposely kept from religion by atheists and others who are against them making their own choices in life.

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Vox_Veritas says2014-12-20T23:11:42.137
So it's "shoving religion down kid's throats" if you teach Creation in schools, but it's not "shoving atheism down kid's throats" if you teach Evolution in schools?