• The US economy is well on the way to recovery

    Since the economy officially exited recession, all indicators point toward a slow but steady recovery. Unemployment has been steadily dropping, housing has rebounded, and consumer confidence is returning to its previous levels. The economy today may be different than before the crisis; in particular, certain industries may never return to their former levels of operation, and large numbers of people may remain out of work for a long time. However, the economy today is in far better shape than it was in 2010.

  • It Will Eventually

    I honestly don't attribute any policies to the recover of the economy thus far in the United States. I would say we've implemented a lot of policies but none of them have proved effective. With that said, I think it is safe to assume that the economy will recover, but it's going to have to do it on it's own.

  • real changes need to occur

    the past decade or so seems to be indicating that the United States economy is being restrained by failed economic policies. It would be foolish to get to new things that are hurting us in the status quo given that there is widespread consensus that certain issues definitely need to be resolved for the economy to pride.

  • We are drowning in debt.

    No, if current policies continues, I do not think that the US economy will recovery, because the government is doing things to kill jobs, not encourage them. With the new health care law, employers are incentivized to have fewer employees, rather than more. Employment is still rising, but the government adjusts the way they factor the numbers so it doesn't look so bad.

  • The economic recovery is going to need more.

    Things are starting to get bad for people again. I am starting to here of more foreclosures again and now that the banks are seeing an increase in house sales mortgage rates are starting to go back up. With loan rates going up and people not spending because jobs are still not increasing very much the economy is about to start going down hill again

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