If Death Is Better, Is It Therefore Preferable?

Asked by: Ms_STL
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  • “If death is better”

    But we do not know what death is like. We can only speculate. It might be better or it might not. We may cease to exist for eternity or be reborn again. We as humans fear the unknown. And death is the unknown. Which is why we keep on living.

  • No it isn't

    There isn't much explanation to this question, So I'll just rant on. We can only value what we know or understand, I have no knowledge of death or what comes after and if I did, It would just be a belief. Because of that, What can you compare life to exactly?

  • If Death Is Better, Is It Therefore Preferable?

    Why will it be preferable? Why should we want to live and think life is a good thing? Isn't wanting to remain alive on earth rather than dead like preferring to remain living in Hoboken than moving to Hawaii? And would you really feel sorry for friends or relatives who moved to Hawaii? Explain as fully as you can what, If anything, Is wrong with all this.

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